Filmgoers call Naga Chaitanya starrer “a classic, feel-good film” in a Twitter review of Thank You

Thank You movie Twitter review: The profoundly expected film of South Indian actor Naga Chaitanya named Thank You hit the theaters yesterday (July 22). The trailer of this much-discussed film which was released recently aroused the watchers curiosity in the film and raised assumptions and energy among Chay’s devoted fan following.

Laying out the topics of self-revelation, the dramatic trailer of Thank You portrayed Naga Chaitanya’s personality exploring his direction through life and love. A Vikram K Kumar film, Naga Chaitanya plays Abhi, a youthful and wealthy businessman who was once a cheerful person yet became conceited and presumptuous because of conditions. He is depicted as a forceful man who is pleased with his prosperity. As found in the trailer, Chaitanya sports various looks which left fans requesting more.

Presently, with the film raising the theaters around town, the early surveys of the Naga Chaitanya starrer have begun pouring in via social media. Moviegoers who watched the early morning shows of Thank You are of the assessment that it’s a ‘classic, feel-good movie with a superb exhibition by, in all honesty, Chay.

Aside from Naga Chaitanya, the film likewise stars Raashii Khanna, Malavika Nair, and Avika Gor. The film’s story is driven by what these characters mean for Chaitanya’s life.

“A more noteworthy kind of affection is love that we should go as opposed to forcing friends and family to remain,” Naga Chaitanya says in a discourse in the trailer, which indicates the film’s subject and tone.

Much obliged to You, which hit the screens today, is created by Dil Raju and Sirish. Thaman composed the music.

Abhiram (Naga Chaitanya) is the best successful businessman in the corporate world. Yet, his egotistical and proud nature distances everybody from him including his girlfriend(Raashi Khanna) One day, a close to home episode causes him to understand that he ought to offer thanks to the people who helped him during his difficult stretches. In this way, he takes up an excursion and returns to individuals and says thanks to them exclusively. How can he do that is the entire story of the film.

The story is basic without any exciting bends in the road. Everything no doubt revolves around the existence of a selfish money manager and Naga Chaitanya features strong varieties. He will wear different periods of his life and assumes this large number of parts easily and we really want to see the value in him for depicting these various shades greatly.

Raashii Khanna looks wonderful and she additionally performs well in her developed job. Different courageous women Malavika Nair and Avika Gor additionally put forth a strong effort. Malavika and Chay’s track is very great.

Notwithstanding playing little characters, Prakash Raj and Sampath perform well. Director Vikram K Kumar handles the visuals well as they are one of the most outstanding parts of the film.

The key issue is the story. Crowds are intimately acquainted with these sorts of stories for at some point now. Much obliged to You is a close to home excursion of an individual however those feelings are not completed well on screen. Maybe the film features flashbacks of school and school which look unremarkable and exhausting.

The screenplay is a major setback as Vikram Kumar’s imprint is totally missing here. The show might have been significantly better as one can undoubtedly foresee what will occur straightaway. It is old school and pounded into the ground.

Love scenes between Naga Chaitanya and Raashii Khanna might have been displayed in a superior way. The final part is a major less as it is loaded up with scenes which have slack and won’t suit the sensibilities of the present age. They might have been managed for better portrayal.

Besides, Thank You has no mass battles, chartbuster melodies, and exciting components to engage most of crowds. During the advancements, the group said that the film has a lot of Mahesh Babu’s references. Yet, those scenes are additionally not much great.

Vikram K Kumar is a successful director and normally, the assumptions are high. However, the enchantment in his past films is missed in Thank You. The chief neglects to portray the profound excursion curiously and engagingly. PC Sreeram should be valued for his brilliant cinematography. The visuals look perfect in numerous scenes.

Coming to music, Thaman’s music is enormously frustrating as none of the melodies check out. Altering by Naveen Noli might have been exceptional and he could have managed scenes to make Thank You a superior film. Creation values are great and you can observer them while watching the flick.

All in all, Thank You is an old fashioned and obsolete transitioning dramatization that neglects to exhibit any oddity. The speed is slow, scenes are dull and the feelings make no effect. The most amazing aspect of the film is Chay Akkineni’s genuine exhibition which is the redeeming quality.

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