7 Best Hill Station to visit near Gujrat during Monsoon


Rajasthan, an Indian desert region, contains a mystery treasure. Being the main hill station in Rajasthan, India, Abu has its one of a kind feeling of satisfaction. Mount Abu gets through cooler climate and has some extremely stunning scenery because of its key geographic placement. The city of Mount Abu is a shelter for daredevils and is supplied with staggering environmental elements and many experiences.

  • Distances:
    • Ahmedabad to Mount Abu: 227.2 kilometers
    • Surat to Mount Abu: 493.8 kilometers
    • Vadodara to Mount Abu: 337.8 kilometers
  • Sightseeing at Mount Abu includes:
  1. Nakki lake
  2. Dilwara Jain Temple
  3. Peace Park
  4. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary
  5. Peak Guru Shikhar
  6. Trevour’s Tank Toad Rock 
  7. Sunset Point
  • The ideal time to visit:

Although Mount Abu is a year-round weekend getaway, the best months to go there are from November to March.


Gujarat is endowed to have a hill station that is well known as a pilgrimage destination. The Hindu god Maa Kali, prominently known as the Great Black Mother, has a temple at Pavagadh Hills, a hill region in Gujarat near Vodadra. The Kalila Mata Temple is one of India’s 52 Shakti Peethas and is a site of the Champaner-Pavagadh UNESCO World Heritage Site. Furthermore, a ropeway is worked for lovers to get to the temple without strolling around 250 steps.

    • from Vadodara: 111.7km
    • from Surat: 267.6km
    • from Ahmedabad: 152.6km
    • Shree Mahakali Temple Pavagadh
    • Jain temple
    • Jami Masjid
    • Champaner Pavagadh Archeological Park
    • Teliya Talav
    • Navlakha Kothar
    • Manchi Fort 

 To enjoy the clear, blue sky and a cool temperature between 12 and 29 degrees visit Champaner Pavagadh, a UNESCO World Heritage Site between October to February.


Wilson Hills, near the Dharampur Tehsil; in the Valsad district of Gujarat is the ideal area for anybody who appreciates being near nature. As it is situated in a vigorously lush region close to the Pangarbari Wildlife Sanctuary, the climate here is stunning. One of the better sites for those keen on traveling is this one. Wilson Hills will without a doubt give you all encompassing perspectives with each step, including amazing valleys, unblemished lakes, and murky mists, also dazzling first light and dusk vistas over the ocean.

  • Distance:
  • Ahmedabad to Wilson hills:-366.2km
  • Vadodara to Wilson hills:-253.1km
  • Surat to Wilson hills:-121.4km 
  • Sightseeing at Wilson Hills includes:
  1. Barumal Shiva Temple
  2. Wilson Hills Museum 
  3. District Science Center
  4. Bilpudi Twin Waterfalls 
  5. Marble Chatri Point
  6. Shankar Waterfall
  7. Ozone valley
  • The ideal time to visit:

Wilson Hills becomes a tropical haven from July through September. Rainfall that falls at the right times during the day adds to the atmosphere, erasing all the sophistication.


Gujarat has a tradition of an extended, notable past. Girnar is a hill station in Gujarat that is glad for its rich history. One more name for Girnar is Revatak Parvata or Girinagar, and that signifies “city-on-the-hill”. In Junagadh, Girnar is a memorable hill canvassed in 866 Hindu and Jain temples all through the highest points. The 9999 stages that go to Girnar hill culmination are among the most troublesome undertakings. There is a Dattatreya temple where you might loosen up and track down serenity at the zenith of Mount Girnar.

    • from Ahmedabad: 309.4km 
    • from Vadodara: 364.7km 
    • from Surat: 542.5km 
    • The Uparkot Fort, 
    • The Mahabat Maqbara Palace, 
    • The Sakkarbaug Zoological Park
    • The Bhavnath Mahadev Temple, 
    • Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary 
    • The ideal time to visit Mount Girnar:


Saputara, the solitary hill town in Gujarat, is situated on the limit of the western Indian province of Maharashtra, profound inside the Sahyadri Mountains.

There are no words to satisfactorily portray Saputara’s stunningly radiant lake, green moving hills, and rainstorm took care of waterfalls. Saputara has a gentle environment throughout the entire year and is supplied with regular excellence and biodiversity. Saputara is an extraordinary traveler location since the normal excellence is undisturbed by people and minimal took advantage of. Saputara is an extraordinary area for travelers due to the hills and woods that encompass the hill town.

  • Distances:
    • Ahmedabad to Sapatara: 400.6 km
    • Vadodara to Saputara: 287.5 km
    • Surat to Saputara: 155.8 km
  • Sightseeing at Saputara includes:
  1. Nageshwar Mahadev Temple, Jain Temple and the Swaminarayan Temple. 
  2. Boating facilities 
  3. Step Garden, Rose Garden and Lake Garden. 
  4. Pushpak Ropeway
  5. Vandsa National Park
  • The ideal time to visit:

Saputara enjoys the relaxed atmosphere all the year-round, although the best experience one can have is during the monsoon season which is between July to September. 


Hill station Matheran being harmless to the ecosystem and without vehicles and transports booming in the city, is famous as the “cutest little hill station of India.” Matheran is the peaceful area for watching the dawn and sunset and some awesome view that revives you inside. It is situated in the Western Ghats, arranged at a height of around 800 meters above ocean level. Voyagers like to investigate Matheran by walking and partake in the town’s pleasant appeal.

    •  from Ahmedabad: 575 km 
    • from Vadodara: 460 km 
    • from Surat: 326 km
    • Alexander Point
    • Rambagh Point
    • Echo Point
    • Charlotte Lake
    • Louisa Point
    • One Tree Hill
    • Prabal Fort and Irshalgad Fort
    • Other entertaining activities are toy train rides, horseback rides, and zip-lining.
  • The ideal time to visit Matheran:

The monsoon retreats and the weather is pleasant and great for touring in Matheran from October to November, making these months the best time to visit.


Saputara is around 50 kilometers from Don Hill Station, in this manner on the off chance that you are wanting to visit Saputara, it ought to be your next stop on the guide. Wear gives something to everybody despite the fact that these spots are still somewhat obscure and unseen. Everybody might partake in these hill stations, including climbers and climate fans. The caverns and the peak are well known objections for cyclists and climbers. Also, the picture takers appreciate investing energy here to catch the perfectly clear skies and the rambling vegetation.

  • Distances:
    • Ahmedabad to Don hill: 405 kilometers
    • Surat to Don hill: 150 kilometers
    • Vadodara to Don hill: 309 kilometers
  • Sightseeing near Don hill station includes:
    • The Mahal Eco Campsite
    • Mayadevi Waterfall
    • Pandava Caves
    • Gira Waterfall
  • The ideal time to visit:

The monsoon months of July and October are the best times to visit Don Hill Station since there are regular rains that enhance the area’s natural splendor.