Disney Plus Win the First Emmy with ‘The Mandalorian’ on Night Three of Creative Arts Ceremonies (Complete Winners List)

Infant Yoda otherwise known as The Child isn’t only a mainstream society marvel, yet now additionally a significant honors victor: “The Mandalorian,” which put its pristine decoration Disney Plus solidly on the Emmys’ guide this year with 15 generally speaking designations, gotten its first sculptures at the Creative Arts function on Wednesday night.

“The Mandalorian” got uncommon enhanced visualizations, sound altering, sound blending, creation plan and cinematography grants during the third of five evenings intended to give out the 72nd Annual craftsmans’ honors (likewise the main night in which scripted classifications showed up). These five honors see the “Star Wars” universe-set show standing out for the most honors from citizens for the year.

HBO’s “Watchmen” and VH1’s “RuPaul’s Drag Race” have piled on the second-most honors up to this point, with four each. “Watchmen” scored their sculptures all on this third night, while “Drag Race’s” wins were reported on Monday, during the truth/verifiable themed show.

Wednesday’s merriments included everything from cinematography and outfits to both picture and sound altering, and uncommon special visualizations across satire, dramatization and restricted arrangement/TV films.

Entertainer, creator and joke artist Nicole Byer by and by facilitated (“I’m still wearing the same dress; I sleep in it!” she said while inviting everybody to the show) and moderators included Rose Byrne, Bobby Cannavale, Laverne Cox, Giancarlo Esposito, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton Morgan, and Monica Raymund. In the middle of giving out the honors, the Television Academy reused bits from the past services this year, including Kareem Abdul-Jabbar presenting a piece on the significance of comprehensive portrayal, just as Byer passing out phony honors to COVID-agreeable arrangement including “The Masked Singer” (you know, in light of the veils).

This occasion was one of the four gushed on Emmys.com at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, while the fifth night (and second for scripted classifications) will air live on FXX, Saturday at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. Every Academy peer bunch picked one class to highlight during the FXX broadcast, which additionally incorporates over the-line grants for visitor entertainers in satire and dramatization arrangement.

Snap here for the 2020 Creative Arts grants victors from Night 1 and Night 2.

The Creative Arts functions are delivered by Bob Bain Prods. what’s more, comprise of 100 honors being distributed over the five evenings. The last evening of Emmys occasions for the year is Sunday, Sept. 20, when the over the-line Primetime Awards are given out live at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on ABC. Jimmy Kimmel will host and leader produce that live transmission from the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles, while champs will be at home and on the spot the world over, prepared to convey acknowledgment discourses live. Interestingly, the Creative Arts’ victors self-taped and pre-recorded acknowledgment addresses, with the Television Academy vowing not to deliver any recordings other than the ones from the champs.

The majority of those pre-recorded talks Wednesday were quite straight-forward, expressing gratitude toward the Academy, family and associates. Yet, the cosmetics group from “Star Trek: Picard” utilized their time, to a limited extent, to make reference to that new Academy rules implied 10 significant female individuals were left off the voting form, and they needed to get out that they “stand with women.”

Here are Wednesday’s nominees and winners:

Outstanding Special Visual Effects

“Lost In Space”
Episode: “Ninety-Seven”
Jabbar Raisani, senior visual effects supervisor
Terron Pratt, visual effects producer
Marion Spates, visual effects supervisor
Niklas Jacobson, visual effects supervisor
Andrew Walker, visual effects supervisor
Juri Stanossek, visual effects supervisor
Dirk Valk, Previs supervisor
Blaine Lougheed, on-set visual effects supervisor
Paul Benjamin, special effects coordinator

WINNER “The Mandalorian”
Episode: “Chapter 2: The Child”
(Disney Plus)
Richard Bluff, VFX supervisor
Jason Porter, VFX supervisor
Abbigail Keller, VFX producer
Hayden Jones, VFX supervisor
Hal Hickel, animation supervisor
Roy Cancino, special effects supervisor
John Rosengrant, supervisor
Enrico Damm, environment supervisor
Landis Fields, virtual production visualization supervisor

“Stranger Things”
Episode: “Chapter Eight: The Battle Of Starcourt”
Paul Graff, senior visual effects supervisor
Gayle Busby, visual effects producer
Tom Ford, visual effects producer
Michael Maher Jr., senior concept illustrator
Martin Pelletier, visual effects supervisor
Berter Orpak, visual effects supervisor
Yvon Jardel, animation supervisor
Nathan Arbuckle, lead FX
Caius Man, special effects coordinator

Episode: “See How They Fly”
Erik Henry, VFX supervisor
Matt Robken, VFX producer
Ashley J. Ward, VFX production
David Fletcher, SPFX soordinator
Mathieu Raynault, VFX supervisor, Raynault FX
Bobo Skipper, VFX supervisor, ILP – Important Looking Pirates
Ahmed Gharraph, VFX supervisor, Framestore London
Emanuel Fuchs, VFX supervisor, Mackevision
Francois Lambert, VFX supervisor, Hybride

Episode: “Crisis Theory”
Jay Worth, VFX supervisor
Martin Hernblad, VFX supervisor
Jeremy Fernsler, VFX supervisor
Nhat Phong Tran, VFX supervisor
Joe Wehmeyer, on-set VFX supervisor
Mark Byers, SPFX supervisor
Bruce Branit, on-set VFX supervisor
Octevia Robertson, VFX coordinator
Jacqueline VandenBussche, VFX production manager

Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role

Episode 8
(FX on Hulu)
Andrew Whitehurst, VFX supervisor
Sarah Tulloch, VFX producer
Anne Akande, VFX producer [DNEG]
Samantha Townend, VFX co-producer
Giacomo Mineo, on-set VFX supervisor [DNEG]
Tom Hales, CG supervisor [DNEG]
George Kyparissous, FX supervisor [DNEG]
Stafford Lawrence, animation supervisor [DNEG]
Jon Uriarte, lead compositor [DNEG]

“The Handmaid’s Tale”
Episode: “Household”
Stephen Lebed, VFX producer
Brendan Taylor, VFX supervisor
Leo Bovell, VFX supervisor
Rob Greb, compositing supervisor
Gwen Zhang, senior compositor
Marlis Coto, compositor
Stephen Wagner, lead FX artist
Josh Clark, CG supervisor
James Minett, CG lead artist

“Tales From The Loop”
Episode: “Loop”
(Amazon Prime Video)
Andrea Knoll, visual effects producer
Ashley Bernes, visual effects supervisor
Eduardo Anton, compositing supervisor
Julien Hery, visual effects supervisor, Rodeo FX
Laurent Pancaccini, CG supervisor, Rodeo FX
Andrew Kowbell, lead compositor, Rodeo FX
Alan Scott, special effects supervisor, Legacy Effects
David Piombino, compositing supervisor, Moving Picture Company
Rajesh Kaushik, lead compositor, Moving Picture Company

“Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan”
Episode: “Strongman”
(Amazon Prime Video)
Erik Henry, senior visual effects supervisor
Juliette Yager, visual effects producer
Peter Crosman, on-set visual effects supervisor
Pau Costa Moeller, special effects supervisor
Paige Prokop, visual effects coordinator
Deak Ferrand, visual effects art director, Rodeo FX
Francois Lambert, visual effects supervisor, Hybride Inc.
Jesper Kjolsrud, visual effects supervisor, Goodbye Kansas
Richard Vosper-Carey, 3D artist

WINNER “Vikings”
Episode: “The Best Laid Plans”
Dominic Remane, visual effects supervisor
Bill Halliday, visual effects producer
Becca Donohue, visual effects producer
Leann Harvey, on-set visual effects supervisor
Tom Morrison, CG supervisor
Ovidiu Cinazan, lead compositor
Jim Maxwell, lead matte painter
Ezra Waddell, lead massive crowd artist
Warren Lawtey, FX lead

Outstanding Cinematography for a Limited Series or Movie

“Defending Jacob”
Episode: “After”
(Apple TV Plus)
Jonathan Freeman, ASC, director of photography

Episode 7
(FX on Hulu)
Rob Hardy, BSC, director of photography

“The Plot Against America”
Episode: “Part 1”
Martin Ahlgren, director of photography

Episode: “Little Fear of Lighting”
Xavier Grobet, ASC, AMC, director of photography

WINNER “Watchmen”
Episode: “This Extraordinary Being”
Gregory Middleton, ASC, CSC, director of photography

Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-camera Series

“Bob Hearts Abishola”
Episode: “Ice Cream For Breakfast”
Patti Lee, ASC, director of photography

“Family Reunion”
Episode: “Remember Black Elvis?”
John Simmons, ASC, director of photography

WINNER “The Ranch”
Episode: “It Ain’t My Fault”
Donald A. Morgan, ASC, director of photography

“Will & Grace”
Episode: “Accidentally On Porpoise”
Gary Baum, ASC, director of photography

Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-camera Series (Half-hour)

“The End Of The F***ing World”
Episode 2
Benedict Spence, director of photography

Episode: “Giant”
(Amazon Prime Video)
Jas Shelton, director of photography

Episode: “Lowkey Happy”
Kira Kelly, director of photography

Episode: “Lowkey Lost”
Ava Berkofsky, director of photography

WINNER “The Mandalorian”
Episode: “Chapter 7: The Reckoning”
(Disney Plus)
Greig Fraser, ASC, ACS, director of photography
Baz Idoine, director of photography

Outstanding Contemporary Hairstyling

WINNER “Black-ish”
Episode: “Hair Day”
Araxi Lindsey, department head hairstylist
Robert C. Mathews lll, additional hairstylist
Enoch Williams, key hairstylist

“Grace And Frankie”
Episode: “The Laughing Stock”
Kelly Kline, department head hairstylist
Jonathan Hanousek, key hairstylist
Marlene Williams, key hairstylist

“The Handmaid’s Tale”
Episode: “Liars”
Paul Elliot, department head hairstylist
Ewa Latak-Cynk, co-department head hairstylist

“The Politician”
Episode: “Pilot”
Chris Clark, department head hairstylist
Natalie Driscoll, assistant department head hairstylist
Havana Prats, hairstylist

“Schitt’s Creek”
Episode: “Happy Ending”
(Pop TV)
Annastasia Cucullo, key hairstylist
Ana Sorys, personal hairstylist

“This Is Us”
Episode: “Strangers: Part Two”
Katherine Rees, key hairstylist
Germicka Barclay, additional hairstylist
Renia Green-Edittorio, additional hairstylist
Corey Hill, additional hairstylist

Outstanding Period and/or Character Makeup (Non-prosthetic)

“American Horror Story: 1984”
Episode: “The Lady In White”
Carleigh Herbert, department head makeup artist
Abby Lyle Clawson, assistant department head makeup artist
Mo Meinhart, makeup artist
Lawrence Mercado, makeup artist

Episode: “Outlaws”
Eryn Krueger Mekash, department head makeup artist
Kim Ayers, assistant department head makeup artist
Kerrin Jackson, makeup artist
Ana Gabriela Quinonez Urrego, makeup artist

WINNER “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”
Episode: “It’s Comedy Or Cabbage”
(Amazon Prime Video)
Patricia Regan, department head makeup artist
Claus Lulla, key makeup artist
Joseph A. Campayno, key makeup artist
Margot Boccia, makeup artist
Michael Laudati, makeup artist
Tomasina Smith, makeup artist
Roberto Baez, makeup artist
Alberto Machuca, makeup artist

Episode: “Acting Up”
Sherri Berman Laurence, department head makeup artist
Nicky Pattison Illum, key makeup artist
Chris Milone, makeup artist
Deja Smith, makeup artist
Jessica Padilla, makeup artist

“Star Trek: Picard”
Episode: “Stardust City Rag”
(CBS All Access)
Silvina Knight, assistant department head makeup artist
Robin Beauchesne, makeup artist
David Williams, makeup artist
Peter De Oliveira, makeup artist
Natalie Thimm, makeup artist

Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Limited Series, Movie or Special

“American Horror Story: 1984”
Episode: “True Killers”
Mike Mekash, department head makeup artist
Vincent Van Dyke, prosthetic designer

Episode: “Jump”
Vincent Van Dyke, prosthetic designer
Cary Ayers, makeup artist
Bruce Spaulding Fuller, makeup artist

“The Mandalorian”
Episode: “Chapter 6: The Prisoner”
(Disney Plus)
Brian Sipe, department head makeup artist
Alexei Dmitriew, key makeup artist
Carlton Coleman, makeup artist
Samantha Ward, makeup artist
Scott Stoddard, makeup artist
Mike Ornelaz, makeup artist
Sabrina Castro, makeup artist
Scott Patton, prosthetic designer

Episode: “Love’s In Need Of Love Today”
David Presto, prosthetic designer
Greg Pikulski, additional makeup effects artist
Brett Schmidt, additional makeup effects artist
Lisa Forst, additional makeup effects artist
Keith Palmer, additional makeup effects artist

WINNER “Star Trek: Picard”
Episode: “Absolute Candor”
(CBS All Access)
James Robert Mackinnon, special makeup effects department head
Vincent Van Dyke, prosthetic designer
Richard Redlefsen, special makeup effects artist
Alexei Dmit riew, special makeup effects artist
Neville Page, prosthetic designer
Michael Ornelaz, makeup effects artist

Episode: “Crisis Theory”
Justin Raleigh, special makeup effects department head
Chris Hampton, special makeup effects artist
Thom Floutz, special makeup effects artist

Outstanding Fantasy/Sci-fi Costumes

“Carnival Row”
Episode: “Aisling”
(Amazon Prime Video)
Joanna Eatwell, costume designer
Clare Vyse, assistant costume designer
Jennifer Lander, costume supervisor

“The Handmaid’s Tale”
Episode: “Household”
Natalie Bronfman, costume designer
Helena Davis Perry, costume supervisor
Christina Cattle, assistant costume designer

“The Mandalorian”
Episode: “Chapter 3: The Sin”
(Disney Plus)
Joseph Porro, costume designer
Julie Robar, costume supervisor
Giovanna Ottobre-Melton, assistant costume designer
Lauren Silvestri, assistant costume designer

WINNER “Watchmen”
Episode: “It’s Summer And We’re Running Out Of Ice”
Sharen Davis, costume designer
Valerie Zielonka, costume supervisor

Episode: “Parce Domine”
Shay Cunliffe, costume designer
Dan Bronson, costume supervisor
Amanda Riley, assistant costume designer
Giorgia Tramontano, assistant costume designer
Jo Kissack Folsom, associate costume designer

Outstanding Period Costumes

WINNER “The Crown”
Episode: “Cri De Coeur”
Amy Roberts, costume designer
Sidonie Roberts, assistant costume designer
Sarah Moore, costume supervisor

Episode: “A Hollywood Ending”
Lou Eyrich, costume designer
Sarah Evelyn, costume designer
Tiger Curran, assistant costume designer
Suzy Freeman, costume supervisor

“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”
Episode: “It’s Comedy Or Cabbage”
(Amazon Prime Video)
Donna Zakowska, costume designer
Marina Reti, assistant costume designer
Sheila Grover, costume supervisor
Ginnie Patton, costume supervisor

“Mrs. America”
Episode: “Shirley”
(FX on Hulu)
Bina Daigeler, costume designer
Erin Byrne, assistant costume designer
Mila Hermanovski, assistant costume designer
Eileen Kennedy, assistant costume designer
Sheryl Willock, assistant costume designer
Bettina Seifert, costume supervisor
Erika Larner, costume supervisor

Episode: “Acting Up”
Analucia McGorty, costume designer
Nicole Jescinth Smith, assistant costume designer
Alexa De Fazio, assistant costume designer
Linda Giammarese, costume supervisor

Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series

“The Conners”
Episode: “Slappy Holidays”
Brian Schnuckel, ACE, editor

WINNER “One Day At A Time”
Episode: “Boundaries”
(Pop TV)
Cheryl Campsmith, ACE, editor

“Will & Grace”
Episode: “We Love Lucy”
Peter Beyt, ACE, editor

“Will & Grace”
Episode: “What A Dump”
Joseph Fulton, editor

Outstanding Single-camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series

“The Mandalorian”
Episode: “Chapter 2: The Child”
(Disney Plus)
Andrew S. Eisen, ACE, editor

“The Mandalorian”
Episode: “Chapter 4: Sanctuary”
(Disney Plus)
Dana E. Glauberman, ACE, editor
Dylan Firshein, additional editor

“The Mandalorian”
Episode: “Chapter 8: Redemption”
Disney Plus
Jeff Seibenick, editor

Episode: “Fire Pink”
Vikash Patel, editor

Editor: “Wartime”
Cindy Mollo, ACE, editor

“Stranger Things”
Episode: “Chapter Eight: The Battle Of Starcourt”
Dean Zimmerman, ACE, editor
Katheryn Naranjo, editor

Episode: “DC”
Ken Eluto, ACE, editor

WINNER “Succession”
Episode: “This Is Not For Tears”
Bill Henry, editor
Venya Bruk, additional editor

Outstanding Single-camera Picture Editing for a Limited Series or Movie

“El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie”
Skip Macdonald, ACE, editor

“Mrs. America”
Episode: “Phyllis”
(FX on Hulu)
Robert Komatsu, ACE, editor

WINNER “Watchmen”
Episode: “A God Walks In To Abar”
Henk Van Eeghen, ACE, editor

Epispde: “It’s Summer And We’re Running Out Of Ice”
David Eisenberg, editor

Episode: “This Extraordinary Being”
Anna Hauger, editor

Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (Half-Hour) and Animation

WINNER “The Mandalorian”
Episode: “Chapter 2: The Child”
(Disney Plus)
Shawn Holden, production mixer
Bonnie Wild, re-recording mixer
Chris Fogel, scoring mixer

“Modern Family”
Episode: “Finale Part 1”
Stephen Tibbo, CAS, production mixer
Srdjan Popovic, production mixer
Brian R. Harman, CAS, re-recording mixer
Peter Bawiec, re-recording mixer
Dean Okrand, CAS, re-recording mixer

“The Ranch”
Episode: “Fadeaway”
Laura L. King, CAS, production mixer
Bob LaMasney, re-recording mixer
Kathy Oldham, re-recording mixer
Ryan Kennedy, re-recording mixer

“Schitt’s Creek”
Episode: “Happy Ending”
(Pop TV)
Bryan Day, production mixer
Martin Lee, re-recording mixer

“Space Force”
Episode: “Save Epsilon 6!”
Ben Pat rick, production mixer
John W. Cook ll, re-recording mixer
Bill Freesh, re-recording mixer

Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Limited Series or Movie

“American Horror Story: 1984”
Episode: “Camp Redwood”
Alex Altman, production mixer
Joe Earle, CAS, re-recording mixer
Doug Andham, CAS, re-recording mixer
Judah Getz, CAS, ADR mixer

“Episode 3”
(FX on Hulu)
Lisa Piñero, CAS, production mixer
Mitch Low, production mixer
Howard Bargroff, re-recording mixer
Glen Gathard, foley mixer

“El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie”
Phillip W. Palmer, CAS, production mixer
Larry Benjamin, CAS, re-recording mixer
Kevin Valentine, re-recording mixer
Stacey Michaels, foley mixer

Episode: “Hooray For Hollywood”
John Bauman, CAS, production mixer
Joe Earle, CAS, re-recording mixer
Doug Andham, CAS, re-recording mixer
Bob Lacivita, CAS, ADR mixer

WINNER “Watchmen”
Episode: “This Extraordinary Being”
Douglas Axtell, production mixer
Joe DeAngelis, re-recording mixer
Chris Carpenter, re-recording mixer

Outstanding Sound Editing for a Comedy Or Drama Series (One Hour)

“Better Call Saul”
Episode: “Bagman”
Nick Forshager, co-supervising sound editor
Kathryn Madsen, co-supervising sound editor
Matt Temple, sound effects editor
Todd Toon, sound effects editor
Jeff Cranford, foley editor
Jane Boegel-Koch, dialogue editor
Jason Tregoe Newman, music editor
Gregg Barbanell, foley artist
Alex Ullrich, foley artist

“The Boys”
Episode: “The Name Of The Game”
(Amazon Prime Video)
Wade Barnett, sound supervisor
David Barbee, sound effects editor
Mason Kopeikin, foley editor
Brian Dunlop, dialogue editor
Ryan Briley, ADR editor
Chris Newlin, music editor
Christopher Brooks, music editor
Joseph T. Sabella, foley artist
Jesi Ruppel, foley artist

“The Crown”
Episode: “Aberfan”
Lee Walpole, supervising sound editor
Andy Kennedy, sound designer
Saoirse Christopherson, sound effects editor
Juraj Mravec, sound effects editor
Tom Williams, dialogue editor
Steve Little, ADR editor
Tom Stewart, foley editor
Anna Wright, foley artist
Catherine Thomas, foley artist
Lindsay Wright, music editor

“Star Trek: Picard”
Episode: “Et In Arcadia Ego: Part 2”
(CBS All Access)
Matthew E. Taylor, sound supervisor
Tim Farrell, sound designer
Harry Cohen, sound designer
Michael Schapiro, sound effects editor
Sean Heissinger, dialogue editor
Clay Weber, foley editor
Darrin Mann, foley editor
Moira Marquis, music editor
Stan Jones, music editor
Alyson Dee Moore, foley artist
Chris Moriana, foley artist

WINNER “Stranger Things”
Episode: “Chapter Eight: The Battle Of Starcourt”
Craig Henighan, co-supervising sound editor
William Files, co-supervising sound editor
Ryan Cole, sound editor
Kerry Dean Williams, sound editor
Angelo Palazzo, sound editor
Katie Halliday, sound editor
David Klotz, music editor
Steve Baine, foley artist

Episode: “Parce Domine”
Sue Gamsaragan Cahill, supervising sound editor
Benjamin L. Cook, MPSE, sound designer
Shaughnessy Hare, special effects editor
Jane Boegel-Koch, dialogue editor
Tim Tuchrello, dialogue editor
Sara Bencivenga, ADR editor
Brendan Croxon, foley editor
Adrian Medhurst, foley artist
Christopher Kaller, music editor

Outstanding Sound Editing for a Comedy or Drama Series (Half-Hour) and Animation

Episode: “The Libertines”
Robb Navrides, supervising sound editor/ADR editor
Colette Dahanne, sound effects editor
Jason Lezama, dialogue editor
David Beadle, dialogue editor
Jason Krane, MPSE, dialogue editor
Larry Hopkins, foley editor
Emily Kwong, music editor
Lindsay Pepper, foley artist
Zane Bruce, foley artist

WINNER “The Mandalorian”
Episode: “Chapter 1: The Mandalorian”
(Disney Plus)
David Acord, co-supervising sound editor/sound designer
Matthew Wood, co-supervising sound editor
Bonnie Wild, sound effects editor
James Spencer, dialogue editor
Richard Quinn, ADR editor
Richard Gould, foley editor
Stephanie McNally, music editor
Ryan Rubin, music editor
Ronni Brown, foley artist
Jana Vance, foley artist

“Silicon Valley”
Episode: “Exit Event”
Bobby Mackston, sound supervisor
Sean Garnhart, sound effects editor
Ryan Gierke, dialogue editor
Joe Deveau, music editor
Vincent Guisetti, foley artist

“Space Force”
Episode: “The Launch”
Bobby Mackston, co-supervising sound editor/ ADR editor
Paul Hammond, co-supervising sound editor/ dialogue editor
Sean Garnhart, sound effects editor
Vincent Guisetti, foley artist
Jason Tregoe Newman, music editor
Tessa Phillips, music editor
Aran Tanchum, foley editor
Alfredo Douglas, foley editor

“What We Do In The Shadows”
Episode: “The Return”
Steffan Falesitch, sound supervisor
David Barbee, sound effects editor
Angelina Faulkner, dialogue editor
Steve Griffen, music editor
Sam C. Lewis, foley editor
John Guentner, foley editor
Ellen Heuer, foley artist

Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Program (Half-Hour)

Episode: “Up, Up, Up”
Todd Fjelsted, production designer
Valerie Green, art director
Cynthia Slagter, set decorator

WINNER “The Mandalorian”
Episode: “Chapter 1: The Mandalorian”
(Disney Plus)
Andrew L. Jones, production designer
Jeff Wisniewski, art director
Amanda Serino, set decorator

“Space Force”
Episode: “The Lauch”
Susie Mancini, production designer
Gary Warshaw, art director
Rachael Ferrara, set decorator

“What We Do In The Shadows”
Episodes: “Resurrection,” “Collaboration,” “Witches”
Kate Bunch, production designer
Aleks Cameron, art director
Shayne Fox, set decorator

“Will & Grace”
Episode: “We Love Lucy”
Glenda Rovello, production designer
Conny Boettger-Marinos, art director
Peter Gurski, set decorator

Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Contemporary Program (One Hour or More)

“Big Little Lies”
Episodes: “What Have They Done?,” The Bad Mother,” I Want To Know”
John Paino, production designer
Austin Gorg, art director
Amy Wells, set decorator

WINNER “The Handmaid’s Tale”
Episode: “Household”
Elisabeth Williams, production designer
Martha Sparrow, art director
Robert Hepburn, set decorator

“Killing Eve”
Episode: “Are You From Pinner?”
(BBC America)
Laurence Dorman, production designer
Beckie Harvey, art director
Casey Williams, set decorator

“The Morning Show”
Episode: “In The Dark Night Of The Soul It’s Always 3:30 In The Morning”
(Apple TV Plus)
John Paino, production designer
James F. Truesdale, art director
Amy Wells, set decorator

Episode: “Wartime”
David Bomba, production designer
Sean Ryan Jennings, art director
Kim Leoleis, set decorator

Episode: This Is Not For Tears”
Stephen H. Carter, production designer
Carmen Cardenas, art director
George DeTitta, set decorator
Ana Buljan, set decorator

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