Diana Gerrard: An incredible woman icon in the fashion and celebrity PR niches

Diana Gerrard did the same as a top fashion and events personality, who, for over a decade, has been creating ripples of growth in these niches across the UAE with her meaningful ventures.

Diana Gerrard is one woman who, over the years, has stunned people worldwide and not just the UAE by managing several influential positions like Founder/Chief Executive Officer of DLK Fashion Shows, President/National Director of Mrs. Universe UAE, Emirate’s Business Woman Council, beauty pageants organizer, an international producer, speaker, and charity ambassador.

After becoming a software engineer, Diana Gerrard found her passion in organizing international beauty pageants and contests, and it was in 2011 that she jumped into the industry as a beauty pageants organizer, transforming the lives of young girls and mature ladies. In 2021, she went ahead, becoming the title winner of Mrs. Earth Middle East, while making sure to give her best in fulfilling her duties with many other roles of her in the industry. Diana Gerrard confesses that she finds her peace and passion in empowering women to realize their ambitions and build their self-confidence, which leads them to their desired success. She takes pride in saying that she has created a platform where together people can raise awareness of women’s and children’s rights and how those can be implemented in societies, particularly the rights of those women who have suffered domestic violence, and to develop legal frameworks for the protection of children.

In her life, she saw umpteen numbers of such challenges, highlighting how coming thus far in her endeavours was not an easy ride for her. However, her experiences taught her that everything in life is only temporary and that people don’t own anything in this world and on asking her if all those ups and downs and her experiences in her journey so far was all worth it, and Diana Gerrard will reply saying a big yes.

 With her growing presence and prominence in her endeavours, she is determined in her goals to strengthen UAE’s positive image, tourism, new markets, and more. Diana Gerrard (@diana_gerrard_new) can’t wait to execute the many new plans and business models.