Bigg Boss 16: Tina Datta’s mother criticises Srejita De for calling contestants “housebreakers”

There is no denying that Bigg Boss 16 is one of the most popular and entertaining non-fiction programmes. Speaking of the show and its candidates, it includes a number of well-known faces this season, including a lot of excellent actresses. One of the Bigg Boss 16 contestants who was just booted from the show made news for her statement rather than for her booting. Sreejita De had to leave the show last week for the uninitiated. Before entering Bigg Boss 16, Sreejita De and another Bigg Boss 16 contestant and actress Tina Datta have been at loggerheads.

When Sreejita De returned to the competition as a wild card contender, she made some remarks about Tina Datta that Madhumita Datta, Tina’s mother, did not agree with. Sreejita De stated to Soundarya Sharma during a talk, “jitna koi nahi jaan sakta mei iss ladki ko itne achese jaanti hu. Bohot logo ke ghar todne ki koshish kari hai, I know her so well. Isiliye khudka ghar kabhi nahi basa paayi She feels so alone.” Sreejita referred to Tina as a “saddist” and stated, “Usse koi issue nahi hai ladko se. Sirf usse attention chahiye ladko se. Jealousy and negativity are present.”

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