5 Superfoods That Your Body Can Use As Multivitamins

5 Multivitamin Sources From Food

Superfoods, which include berries, mushrooms, spinach, salmon, chia seeds, and berries, are nutrient-dense powerhouses that function as multivitamins and promote general health and wellbeing. These superfoods improve heart, brain, and eye health as well as cardiovascular health. By including these foods in your diet, you can improve your general health.

1. Spinach

Iron, calcium, vitamin A, C, and K, which lower cholesterol and heart disease risk, improve bone health, improve eyesight, and aid in digestion, are all abundant in spinach. Spinach can be used to make soups, salads, and curries that you can include in your diet to improve your general health and wellbeing.

2. Berries

Antioxidants, vitamins C and K, minerals, and fibre found in berries support brain function and help fend off diseases like cancer. Berries are a great way to improve your digestion. It can be eaten raw, blended into juice, or added to salads. You may encourage general health and well-being by doing this.

3. Chia Seeds

It is packed with of nutrients, including high levels of fibre, minerals, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds support healthy digestion, aid in weight loss, and strengthen heart function. For improved digestion or weight loss, you can soak chia seeds in a glass of water overnight and drink it in the morning. Alternatively, you can incorporate chia seeds into your breakfast along with salad or muesli.

4. Salmon

Protein, potassium, vitamin B, and healthful fats are all abundant in salmon. It reduces inflammation, supports heart health, encourages a healthy weight, and improves brain function. It can be eaten for breakfast or dinner by steaming, grilling, or baking. You can improve your general health and wellbeing with its assistance. It is advised, therefore, to avoid overindulging; it should only be taken two to three times a week.

5. Mushroom

Potassium, fibre, and antioxidants found in mushrooms help lower inflammation in the body, lower the risk of cancer, and support a strong immune system. You can cook curries with mushrooms, soup, or grilled mushrooms.