5 Super Drinks to Stay Hydrated During the Fast of Chaitra Navratri

During the nine days of the auspicious Hindu holiday of Navratri, worshippers pay homage to the nine incarnations of Goddess Durga. People also fast for nine days in observance of their obsience. Food grains are subject to a number of rules regarding what may be eaten and what cannot. Maintaining the proper vitamin and electrolyte balance in the body is crucial during a fast. Seasons, especially summer ones, demand increased immunity and hydration.

Navratri: 5 Drinks To Consume During Fast

Buttermilk or Plain Chaas: 

The original summertime special drink is buttermilk. The stress blues can be banished with just one drink of this cold beverage. This Indian beverage serves as the day’s natural cooling. It decreases cholesterol, increases vitality, and lessens the chance of dehydration. It also helps with digestion.

Coconut water:

Super hydrating coconut water is another summertime favourite. It has a lot of antioxidants, which help the body fight against the effects of free radicals. Drinking this water may also aid in preserving the body’s proper electrolyte balance.

Cucumber Juice: 

This beverage functions as a natural cleanse. It will aid in improved kidney function and remove pollutants. Mix a little cucumber, mint, lemon juice, and coriander in a blender. It moisturises the skin, promotes weight loss, and may even help control blood pressure.

Fresh Fruit Juice: 

Add a few fruits and blend. Dietary fibre can be enhanced by an apple drink, freshly squeezed orange juice, or berry mixture. It aids in digestion, increases metabolism to aid in weight loss, and maintains general health of the body.