Zeel Thacker: The Journey Towards The Zenith

In the new era of development and technological advancements, there is a need to be able to survive the competition that prevails among the young people in the works or career path that they choose.

Zeel Thacker, a 17-year old tech genius took to creating a space under his name with an aim to bring about a change that can benefit the whole tech world in many ways. He was quite passionate about his work, right from the beginning. Although he wanted to excel in what he did, he simply didn’t want it to be mediocre. He didn’t want his thoughts or ideas to be identical and similar to others.

He wanted to come up with ideas that would keep the people at tiptoe and would in turn urge his clients to come back for more works
He wanted his clients to feel contented and happy after his works. For that, he needed to administer some things that no one else would ever do.

Zeel has the determination in his mind to move forward with his ideas and execute it properly in order to prove himself. He says, “I had to follow ways that one would never think of taking, considering the risk associated with it. But I had made up my mind to tackle any obstacles that came my way. That was what indeed made me confident enough to keep taking risks.”

With this confidence that fired up in him, he has been offering services with his specializations in YouTube marketing, SEO building and online advertising with the help of Google AdSense. He has also worked to help recover many hacked social media pages of artists.

For him, Tiktok is not just an entertainment platform. Through his constant effort and dedication he has earned 3 lakhs from Tiktok alone.
He has also managed to earn about Rs.80,000 from Facebook alone and has earned 2-3 lakhs from instagram alone.
Woah! The way he amazes with his skills and talent doesn’t seem to end.
With his constant effort of putting up innovative posts that shared tips and tricks of the tech world, he was able to inspire a lot of his followers in instagram.

With a focused mind to lead him forward and the ideas that never seem to stop coming, Zeel aspires to be seen among India’s best tech geniuses from all around.

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