YouTube’s new outline-style icons are now available on the web homepage

Subsequent to being presented on the Android and iOS applications a year ago, YouTube’s new outline-style icons are now available on the web homepage.

Visiting the YouTube landing page today stacks these new icons in the left side rail and navigation drawer. It applies to Home, Explore, Subscriptions, Originals, Library, and more, but not YouTube Music — which is a logo.

As contrast to the mobile app implementation, these outlines are never filled in any event, when you’re viewing a particular page. The current tab you’re viewing is somewhat more brighter compared to the non-selected icons. It does to some degree hamper visibility.

In the mean time, the icons are visible obvious in the top bar for voice search, upload, the YouTube apps switcher, and notifications.

These icons, alongside a custom font, are the latest sign that YouTube has an vastly different visual identity contrasted with other Google applications governed by Material. This outline approach makes the icons less inclined to stand apart on a busy page, which is both a decent and awful thing, contingent upon the design objective. While lighter, they likewise look more generic.

The YouTube Music applications have yet to be updated with this new style, however it’s spotted in testing.

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