YouTuber Brydell Cocky Draws Interest From Independent & Major Music Labels to Promote Their Artists Through his Pranks

Brydell Cocky has made a name for himself on YouTube with his wildly funny prank videos. Seeing their reach and response music labels now want him to help market their artists, in his own unconventional way.

YouTuber Brydell Cocky has made himself impossible to ignore combining creativity, a huge sense of humor, and natural born social influencer’s sense of what his audience is looking for in his YouTube skits, usually involving clips from music artists. This has caught the attention of both independent and major labels in all of the best of ways, who are now reaching out to Brydell to help promote their artists by making videos involving their work. It’s a fun way to attract interest and a win-win all around.

“It’s great to get the call, especially when it is for an artist I am already interested in,” commented the passionate entertainer. “And doing these kind of comedic skits is in my blood.”

So far his biggest hit has been “Lil Nas X ‘Old Town Road’ Text Prank on Cow Girl” which is absolutely hysterical.

Music labels and fans interested in keeping up with Brydell Cockys latest make sure to visit often.

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