Youssef Chreiba recently collaborated with the internationally renowned Moroccan designer Issam Wachema

Youssef Chreiba recently collaborated with the internationally renowned Moroccan designer Issam Wachema

After his reputation in the social media where thousands follow him, and to achieve a wide range of successes, Youssef Chreiba recently collaborated with the Moroccan and world-renowned designer Issam Wachma.

Youssef’s role in this cooperation was as a model, in addition to his cooperation with the Moroccan designer – Based in America – Hisham Suleiman.

Being a guaranteed bet is the key thing that international brands and companies are looking for, and since Yusuf enjoys such wide popularity and love of the masses in addition to his attractiveness and medal, many brands have chosen him to be the main interface. It was part of the successes of international fashion houses such as: The Royal Paris and became one of the glow in the world of fashion became the main topic of the pens of the international press, where many international newspapers have written about him and predict the future and success is unprecedented both on Upper Middle East or the world.

Recently, one of the largest mobile phone companies in cooperation with Chreiba and a large group of stars of Egypt to participate in promoting the activities of the African Cup of Nations 2019.

It is worth mentioning that Shariba moved from the financial and economic world to the fashion and beauty arena where his old passion led him to go into this field and achieve successes on a large scale and global, and says in this context that despite the existence of a lasting passion, the experience itself She is responsible for discovering new things and developing from the same passion.

He stressed the educational purpose of his profession, since the fashion show or its related fields is not limited to the show side but gives viewers an accurate look at the proximity and experience they can use in how Coordinate and deal with fashion and experience for anyone who wants Go into this field in the future.

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