Youmna Khoury Talks About How to Deal with the Negative Comments on Instagram

Youmna Khoury Talks About How to Deal with the Negative Comments on Instagram

Born in Lebanon and presently living in Dubai with her family, Youmna Khoury is a popular name in the Middle East. She is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the Middle East and also a popular Instagram model with 574k followers. In addition to this, she also has her online brand called Youmi Online Shop where she sells some of her favourite fashion accessories like luxury lashes, beautiful contact lenses, and  stunning hair extensions. Youmna has garnered a lot of popularity and fame at such a young age and she has followers who love her all over the world. However, the world of Instagram is not a bed of roses at all. With this extent of fame, you are bound to receive some negative comments as well.

Youmna Khoury is no stranger to these negative comments either. She states that with such a massive following, such comments will definitely be thrown your way, people will talk negatively about you and throw some shade at you. After all, people throw rocks at things that shine! However, you need to rise above it all . Youmna says that initially those mean and hurtful comments did get to her and shattered her self esteem but she has learnt over time how to deal with the haters. You just have to shake them off and carry on living your life the way you want to because haters will continue hating either way.

According to Youmna, there is a difference when people comment negatively regarding her brand than when they personally attack her. She states that she deals with both the situations differently. When the attacks are directed towards her online brand, Youmna states that she handles the situation calmly. She, together with her team, talks to the person regarding his/her concerns and tries to come up with a solution to that problem. Youmna states that it is important to assure that your customers are always happy. If they are not, then as the brand owner, it is your duty to ensure that they are happy with your services and products. Ask them questions as to why they are not happy and then use that criticism to improve yourself.

Furthermore, Youmna states that if some haters are attacking her on her page and sending hate to her personally, she chooses to ignore them. She also says that such people are so full of negativity themselves that it is better not be concerned with them. Therefore, the best way to deal with haters is to completely ignore them since they are not worth your time. Youmna admits that there are times when such negativity might get to you, but you need to be confident in yourself and have a strong self esteem. Youmna further added that the main objective of these haters is to get a reaction out of you, so be the bigger person and ignore them. Know your worth and rise above all the hate.

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