With his wide reach Daniel Oche Onoja is all set to create millionaires globally

The demand for digital financial products is growing by the day because of its ease of use when it comes to trading.

Trading in forex and crypto currencies is gaining popularity in present times due to its vast wealth creating opportunities and this has made it the most sought after trading channels in the digital world. Many people are drawn towards this, creating huge demand for experts who can guide novices and show them the correct way of trading for financial gains.

There are many experts in the trading field who through their proper knowledge have trained lakhs and made them financially independent. One man who tops the list of such expert trainers is Daniel Oche Onoja, who is an credible name in digital financial products market.

31 year old Daniel was born in North-Eastern state of Borno and spent 18 years of his life living with his parents in Lagos Mainland, Nigeria. His interest towards the fast growing world of web started in 2005 and while in secondary school he was introduced to forex trading by his friend. He was extremely fascinated by the opportunities it offered. In between dabbling forex, he took up network marketing but did not go ahead with it as his true calling was gaining knowledge of various digital financial products.

To hone up his skills he enrolled himself at the Wimax institute of computer technology and learnt all the software and hardware related programs and processes in a bid to have hands-on expertise in anything that was remotely connected to digital technology.

In 2015, there was a meteoric rise in the use of network marketing to get across the benefits of digital financial products trading to a larger audience and with the aim to brush up his marketing skills Daniel joined the GLE team where he was trained and mentored by Paulo Tuynman.

The introduction of Paulo in his life made a huge impact and he was recommended by him to join a top global financial technology company Omegapro, which has its wings spread worldwide. Being one of the largest companies into the business of forex and crypto currency and having clients across 100 countries, backed by a private bank in London, Daniel was at the right place, at the right time.

Today Daniel has more than 20,000 huge client base spread across Africa, UK, Middle East, Asia and Australia and has become a name to reckon with in the industry.

You can Follow him on Instagram @danielonoja1 and Know more about him at http://danielonoja.com