With his soulful tracks and hip hop music, Wrista leads people to an inward journey and makes them understand their higher self

Abdulrahman Al-Sahaf, aka Wrista, is a young virtuoso imprinting his name in the colossal hip hop culture of the world.

People as kids start believing what they see in their childhood and get entangled in thoughts and various notions concerning the society at large. This probably also depends on which region they belong to as the culture, values and traditions of different places on earth are also defining factors in making or breaking a person. The Gulf region, which is more popular for industries in oil and technology, hardly put any light on their music culture. In fact, many of the people still in 2020 despise the art form of music and entertainment, considering it against their traditions and customs. However, any individual who rises above the society shackles can be viewed as a rebel. Fortunately, we know a 20-year-old lad, a rebel, passionately in love with hip hop and rap, named Abdulrahman Al-Sahaf, aka Wrista, an artist from Bahrain, for whom his life revolves in and around hip hop.

Wrista got the germ of music in him at the age of 6, when he first heard the song “Changes” by Tupac, his sister played it for him on her speakers, and young Wrista immediately felt a deep connection with the song. As he grew up, his love for music kept increasing. Later at the age of 12, he heard some underground hip hop artists of the US, their use of words, their feelings through their songs and the music created, all got into the soul of Wrista and he made it his life mission to be one of those prominent names of the music industry that the world would remember for a lifetime.

However, the struggle to reach the top, commenced when he realized he was just another kid from Bahrain, where the music industry never got its due importance, especially the rap culture. Being his rebellious self, Wrista only focused on his craft and at the age of 15, released his debut album named ‘We Are One’. The album till date remains special to Wrista also because the proceeds of the same went to a charity for a noble cause.

In 2015, he gave himself his musical name ‘Wrista’, as he emerged as a growing young and talented rap artist in the Gulf. The young talent zeroed down on the name of Wrista as it has a great meaning behind it. The word derives from ‘Wrist’, which supports our hand and through his hand, he holds a pen and his microphone, helping him impact the lives of many through his penmanship, hence the name Wrista.

Wrista, through his music and rap style, has become a versatile musician and artist, who has the abilities to heal people through his music. Being a hustler, made Wrista officially release 8 tracks on Spotify and accumulate more than 30K followers on TikTok. Currently, he is on his university scholarship studying public relations and also simultaneously being a presenter for a national TV station.

In 2020, Wrista became a Fiverr Pro, where he shows his prowess in voice overs for TheMercifulServant channel on YouTube. He also owns his creative team called ‘LOADB” (Last of a dying breed) and his upcoming new release is a music video called ‘Yeah I’m Real’. In this track, Wrista talks about how he is a real artist much against the appeal of being fake. Following this would be another track of his called ‘Battle Through Depression’ that throws light on mental health awareness.

His soulful and meaningful tracks, helps people take an inward journey and understand their higher self; such therapeutic and real is Wrista’s music.

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