‘Willy Wonka’ Star Denise Nickerson Dead at 62

Denise Nickerson, who played Violet in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” is living out the last moments of her life, since her family reveals to us they have recently taken her off life support.

Nickerson, who endured a stroke a year ago, was at home Monday and, according to her family, she got into her meds at home and took the greatest number of as she could. Her family came to check of her shortly thereafter and rushed her to the ER.

Once in the hospital, doctors diagnosed her to have pneumonia. On Tuesday, she suffered a massive seizure and doctors put Denise on life support.

Her condition kept on declining and her family tells, they have now taken her off the respirator, which encourages breathing and expelled her IVs and stopped giving her medicine.

The family says it’s now just a matter of time before Denise passes. Her son, Josh, and his wife are at the hospital with Denise, and have started a GoFundMe to honor Denise’s last wishes of being cremated, and her ashes turned into glass artwork.

In addition to ‘Willy Wonka,’ Denise played Allison on “The Electric Company.” She also appeared on “Dark Shadows” and an episode of “The Brady Bunch.”

Denise left acting behind in 1978 and eventually got a job working in a doctor’s office.

Denise, who is 62, has one son and daughter-in-law, who’ve been caring for her.

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