Why you should be a fan of blogger Heidi Nicolle of Heidiisms

Heidi Nicolle of @heidiisms is not your average blogger. Having accumulated almost 50,000 followers on the popular social media platform Instagram and another 30,000 through Live-Streaming. Heidi primarily uses her voice to spread love, positivity & raise awareness for worldly issues including pollution and cleaning of toxic land.

Living in Los Angeles, California. Heidi has collaborated with a variety of power-house brands on her Blog and Instagram including Stagecoach, Amazon, Target, and Walgreens. Since moving to Los Angeles, her Instagram & blog has grown and transformed into the popular platform that it is today. Every post on her carefully curated feed is filled with high energy, bold colors and pretty scenery. However, despite this, Heidi has a more important message she promotes to her fans. Since moving to Los Angeles, California, Heidi noticed the high levels of pollution inside the city. This is why she actively promotes the Santa Susana Field Laboratory which is an area that is in desperate need of clean up from contamination.

In addition to this, Heidi promotes her core value of Always Believing in Your ISMS which encourages her fans to be themselves. She believes the world has no boundaries and that there is no room for hate in the world. Heidi also encourages her fans to know they have a unique set of ISMS that makes up who they are. This is what makes everyone unique and special. Her mission is for her fans to know that it’s encouraged to be themselves.

Overall, if you are not already following Heidi, then you should definitely check out her page (at the very least!).

Heidi’s journey can be followed on Instagram @Heidiisms



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