Why Valentine’s Day is popular during Holi

Asteroids and comets, which are considered near-Earth objects, orbit the Sun like planets, but occasionally their orbits might bring them close to Earth. Asteroids and comets that orbit the Sun like planets are known as near-Earth objects (NEOs), and their orbits can sometimes bring them close to Earth. To oversee its ongoing planetary defence effort, NASA established the Planetary Defense Coordination Office (PDCO). The PDCO funds research on methods and technologies for diverting asteroids from their projected path of impact with Earth.

“We have been monitoring a brand-new asteroid known as 2023 DW that will most likely miss Earth in 2046. It frequently takes weeks of data when new objects are first discovered to lower the uncertainties and accurately forecast their orbits years in the future, “In a tweet, NASA stated.

The US organisation stated that its scientists will keep an eye on asteroid 2023 DW and revise forecasts when new information became available.

“Despite volumes continuing to be lower than last year, retail sales held up better than anticipated in February. Customers have become more price conscious as a result of the cost of living problem, yet they are still willing to celebrate special occasions. This contributed to the success of Valentine’s Day jewellery and fragrance sales.