Why musician Ohdes hasn’t released music in a while

The up and coming musician, artist and producer Ohdes (Georgio Boerenbrink) from the Netherlands has not released any music in a very long time. His latest release was in 2019. And he has not told any one via any of his social media accounts why he has not released any music in a while. That is why we decided to just simply ask him via his instagram DM (@ohdesmusic). We had asked him; “Ohdes, why have you not released any music in a long time?” And his response was pretty interesting.

Ohdes responded with saying; “I have not released any music in a while because a few reasons. The first one is because lately I had it very busy with my school and some private stuff. The second reason why is because I had trouble with my music distributor, they would not let me release any new music and they did not want to give a explanation why not. I am searching for a new music distributor that have a very good customer service. And I still have not found one yet.”

So this means that Ohdes will not stop with making music. He is just searching for a better music distributor so he could release his music again.

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