Why Is It Better For Companies To Accept Payment In Crypto? How Does Ibinex Act As A Payment Solution For Companies?

Heavy investment and transactions in cryptocurrencies indicate the heat around digital currency that won’t be dousing out any soon. This is no gimmick; people are trusting this transaction system based on Blockchain technology. According to statistics, 15,174 businesses in 2021 accepted Bitcoin for payment.

This is high time for companies and businesses to get started with payment in crypto. People are skeptical about it because of its complexities, due to lack of lucid explanation.

So, here I am listing some reasons why companies should start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies-

The foremost priority for a company is their customer’s security which proportionally ensures their security too and helps build trust among the customers. Payment in any digital currency takes care of it as it works on blockchain, a decentralized system where every transaction record is present and can not be deleted or modified and is visible to every stockholder. This reduces the risk of scams and theft to a remarkable level.

Unlike banks, exchange in digital currencies is time savvy and cheaper too.

For accepting large amounts via any monetary means, banks charge immense amounts, which can be reduced by digital currency exchange as they transcend such a centralized system. To maintain the anonymity of the customers, cryptocurrencies are best as users can hide their identities. However, to keep it safer on the end of the company, they can demand a KYC from their customers.

To add on, it is tech-savvy; you don’t have to know much; like any e-payment mode, payment is made in a few clicks, and it would be easier for both parties.

Cryptocurrencies’ popularity is growing faster. To keep your business in trend and to affirm growth, this could be undoubtedly one of the best methods.

Since one has enough reasons to switch to cryptocurrency payment methods, you might as well opt for Ibinex, one platform to take care of all your needs.

Ibinex is a safe and secure place to buy cryptocurrencies using credit cards; its user-friendly, simple interface makes it more appealing to people who are getting started with cryptocurrencies. Users can easily get on board; it takes less than 5 minutes to make a payment and purchase bitcoins. Ibinex provides 24/7 customer support which is quite efficient. They hold live grievance addressals too. And most importantly they prioritize your security by their robust system like ‘safe coin storage’, a geographically distributed offline storage system. Their codes are extensively monitored and traded with a strong review. There’s no fear of hackers on Ibinex because all sensitive information is securely encrypted. With a team of dedicated professionals, their system is subjected to timely examinations. Ibinex also runs bug bounty programs to render more adeptness in security.

So, don’t think much start buying bitcoins through Ibinex. Make an account in a snap, verify your identity within 2 minutes, and buy instantly using Mastercard, Visa, and any virtual card like G-pay, and many more.