What to Consider When Buying Men’s Athletic and Lounger Wear

What to Consider When Buying Men’s Athletic and Lounger Wear

Australia is the only country in the world that’s also a continent. It is fondly known as the Land Down Under because it is also the largest and most progressive country in the southern hemisphere. This place is known for its unique diversity and topography. With great beaches, nature parks, mountains, and trails, people in Oz love outdoor activities. As an alpha looking for comfortable wear, you need to be picky about your loungewear choices. 

There are many things in the world that seem polarized and ultimately hard to piece together. For so long, comfort and style were thought to be just one of many mutually-exclusive pairings. However, thanks to the buzzing creativity and innovation of multiple fashion brands, you can now flaunt your stylish pieces that are equally comfy. One of the most common and ubiquitous clothing pieces that afford you both comfort and style are athletic lounger wear.

Athletics loungewear, colloquially called Athleisure wear, comes in designs not only for women but for men and all other genders, too. Brands like Jordan Australia are at the forefront of men’s athletic and loungewear design, introducing snug and fashionable pieces that honour the esteemed basketball athlete Michael Jordan. If you are looking to add more Athleisure pieces to your wardrobe, here are the things you need to consider:

1. Quality of the Material

The most important thing to consider when buying men’s athletic and lounger wear is fabric and material quality. Note that there are many fabric types, each with its own texture, feel, and specifications. Most athletic and lounger wear are made with polyester and are sometimes mixed with spandex for moisture-wicking and breathable options. There are also athletic and loungewear that use a mix of nylon, cotton, wool, and polyester. Note that there is no “best fabric” as that would depend on your preference and the weather conditions you live in. A good quality athleisure piece will display proper and durable stitching, stretchable enough to afford mobility and maintain its colour and elasticity.

2. Fit and Silhouette

Another important thing to consider is the fit and silhouette of the clothes. What good are clothes if they don’t fit you well? If possible, go to your local Jordan Australia to see the fit and silhouette first hand. Clothes look different in pictures than they do on your body. Make sure you are comfortable with the size, the fit on your shoulder, the sleeves, and even the torso. If you don’t fancy form-fitting clothes, there are looser options and designs that you can choose from. Should you have no other recourse but to buy clothes online, make sure you purchase from a secure site with a good return or exchange policy. 

3. Design, Pattern, Colour, and Style

Athleisure wear should not only be comfy but stylish. There are many styles for men’s wear, from form-fitting to more loose and flowing options. There are also a variety of designs, like the iconic Jordan dunk jump shot. Moreover, there are different patterns that you can find, like colour blocking, stripes, animal print, etc. In addition, there are a multitude of colour palettes and schemes. Make sure to choose a style, design, pattern, and colour that you like and that you’d feel confident to wear.

4. Factor in the Unique Individuality

Lastly, it is very important to find pieces that show off your individuality. Clothes are an extension of ourselves and can often represent who we are and what we like. Take time to carefully choose a piece that you think matches who you are. If you like basketball, feel free to represent that hobby of yours through basketball icon inspired athleisure wear. 

Final Word

Who says shopping is a women’s thing. Purchasing clothes and things you like is not something reserved for one gender. It is a cathartic hobby that can be taken on by anyone, especially if you enjoy it. Retail therapy helps with stress. Keep these tips and considerations in mind the next time you and your friends are in dire need of a new cool tracksuit or fun tee.

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