What Drives PayCertify Founder Chase Harmer To Keep Working Hard

What Drives PayCertify Founder Chase Harmer To Keep Working Hard

Who would benefit from using a system like PayCertify?

We’re a great fit for agencies, affiliates, brands, and influencers. These are people who spend a lot of money online. While they can do this with a debit card, they can actually connect their Amex to their PayCertify account and earn rewards both through Amex and through us. It’s easy, and they get double the rewards.

What were you most afraid of when launching your business?

I was afraid of how others would respond. I’d been in the industry for so long that I had a lot of relationships and connections. I didn’t know what to expect when I finally went out with a product. But I realized that no one knows what they’re doing. All that mattered was that I put myself out there.

What drives you to keep working hard?

There’s always more work to do. I’m always looking at the big picture and seeing all the ways our work can grow and everything that I still want to achieve. Even back in high school, if I had four touchdowns and only one fumble, I’d think about that fumble all day long. I don’t want to bask in my accomplishments. I want to continually improve, and I believe I have a ton of room to do so.

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