Want to look outstanding? Sonia Pronk shares a few styling tips

Have you ever marvelled why few people look so stylish and dapper and others don’t? Maybe because they need to find the best way to style your dresses. If you are from the latter category, worry not… as the fashion lady, Sonia Pronk, has come forward. She is making style statements with her outfits.

Taking inspiration from her outfits, today we are getting on to talk about a few dressing styles by Sonia Pronk. So, start making notes…

Looking for ways to wear your overcoats? Remember when Sonia Pronk donned the golden flower printed overcoat with a black feather t-shirt and jeans? Oh boy, she looked like a true diva! So, if you want to wear your overcoat without looking wiggy, make a note of this style from Sonia Pronk. This Dubai-based influencer never leaves a chance to be a stunner.

If you want to style your coats like a pro, this Swiss fashionista knows the trick. Her maroon long coat, worn with a red Chanel t-shirt and black leather pants, is so chic. With urban wear, you can wear the same coat in a different way and style it like Sonia Pronk, or stick to your monotone look by adding this long coat to a one-piece dress and showing off this cool outfit on your Instagram.

The fashion influencer also knows a thing or two about wearing kaftans. Just see how she flaunts her perfectly styled voila printed Kaftan with a chunky cross necklace and grass green sandals. You too can take inspiration from Sonia Pronk’s style to stand out in Kaftans. She has played with different prints and types of kaftans several times. Check out her Instagram and you will know.

This fashion lady is a true shopaholic as well. Before you style your outfits, remember these words by Sonia Pronk: “Wear it with confidence. No matter which outfit you choose, never forget to carry your confidence.” Sonia Pronk is a true fashion guru. We hope her style keeps enlightening our fashion sense.