Vidya Balan On Her Response to a Director’s “Insisting” That She Visit His Hotel Room

In her most recent interview, Vidya Balan, who has always been outspoken about subjects that are typically ignored, described how she once handled a challenging scenario with a director. In an interview with Humans Of Bombay, the actress was questioned about her experiences with the casting couch in show business. Vidya Balan said she has always been “extremely fortunate” because she never had a “tryst with the casting couch,” but she did once had a meeting with a director who “insisted” they go to his hotel room. The actress “did a smart thing,” nevertheless, and left the hotel room door ajar so the director would be aware “that the only route for him was out.”

Vidya Balan stated, “I didn’t comprehend because I was alone, but I did a very wise thing. I left the door open when we entered the room. He suddenly realised that escape was his only option. Hence, I don’t think that I’ve actually used the casting couch. There was neither a proposition nor a suggestion presented. But this was a sense, a vibe I picked up. And I reacted to it. Self-preservation kicks in, and a woman’s instinct… And then I got thrown out of that film.”

On the professional front, Vidya Balan most recently appeared with Shefali Shah in the highly regarded movie Jalsa. Her next works include Lovers and Neeyat.