‘Vibing’ all the way to the top in the entertainment world is Ezen Ho with his firm Vibes Entertainment

With the growth of social media platforms, many memes, posts, creative contents impact people’s minds. The entry of many newcomers in different industries have transformed the traditional cultures and brought in their newness, influencing a lot of people. These millennials radiate a certain vibe through their posts on social media and this vibe is something that many others crave for, to experience the same. For almost everything today, people refer to a certain vibe to describe it and they need people who can offer this vibe to them. Leading from the front and working day and night to offer the same vibe that people need and demand, young and multi-talented investor and entrepreneur Ezen Ho has come up with his entertainment firm called Vibes Entertainment, based in Los Angeles, California.

Making investments in several lucrative businesses, Ezen Ho gained maximum experience and accumulated capital to initiate his own company after he migrated to California as a teen. Today, his company has become an international firm, hosting multiple events all over the world and offering a unique vibe to people at every place they travel.

There are a few qualities that Ezen Ho believes can help many other youngsters in shaping their careers in the events and entertainment industry.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills: A skilled entrepreneur in event and entertainment is the one who knows how to develop excellent interpersonal skills, to manage a team and take out the best in them and to develop contacts with various partners and venues. Ezen Ho did the same; that is why his firm is one of those few that produces and manages events at different venues in the world, successfully with a learned team.
  • High energy: Only an energetic individual can pass on the same energy to others and through this, a certain vibe is what people get ultimately, says Ezen Ho. Hence, he points out that people must have high energy levels to manage or produce events like Vibes Entertainment as they do for Hollywood celebrities, VIP guests and many other international events.
  • Knack for creativity: A entertainment and events entrepreneur must be highly creative and innovative with ideas, explains Ezen Ho. He says that it is through this creativity that they can offer a particular exclusive vibe to people which people will remember all their lives for the kind of distinctive feeling and experience the event gave them.
  • Passion and the drive: Passion is something that people can have as an innate quality and is also the reason behind a person’s excellence in a particular field. The drive to do something for the passion is what leads an individual towards success, says Ezen Ho. This passion also allows entrepreneurs to be productive and carry out successful events at luxurious venues of the world.

Since the time, Ezen Ho debuted in the entertainment world with Vibes Entertainment; he has seen an upward trend in his growth as an entrepreneur and has led his firm reach amongst the top of the industry in the US with offering an elusive vibe that people crave for, helping them make memories that would stay with them forever.