Travelling around Asia and Europe has sharpened my art, says musician Lee Alexander

Travelling around Asia and Europe has sharpened my art, says musician Lee Alexander

Music is a universal language. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or even a language barrier; somehow, music is one thing we all share. It is known to have a calming and soothing effect that reduces stress and improve memory. Music as an art does not discriminate, making it have a large audience from different parts of the world. They say where words fail, music speaks.
Lee Alexander, a songwriter, musician and model by profession, talks about how travelling worldwide has helped sharpen his art.  Lee was passionate about music from a young age that saw him join a music band in high school. After joining college, he started his solo career and has so far performed in various music stages around Asia and Europe, live radio performances, malls, bars, and many more performing cover songs. He has also auditioned and performed in non-musical gigs, professional and advertisement modelling, appearances as an online platform guest.
According to Alex travelling around Asia and Europe has allowed him to become diverse in his music; Asia and Europe both have different cultures, which he is able to incorporate through his music and also sharpen his skills music-wise. His love for cover songs is what first saw him start his tour around the world; one thing about cover songs is you get to try out different sounds and beats, which makes them stand out even from the originals.
Travelling increases creativity; for Lee Alexander, the many performances he does on malls, bars and other platforms give him opportunities to interact with new people and learn new skills. Music is all about creativity, and different people have different creative ideas. His determination and love for music are some of his driving forces. He believes through his music, he is able to educate and entertain, which brings him satisfaction.
Music is the greatest form of magic with no rules. It brightens our hearts and souls and brings joy to the world. In consideration of Lee`s story as an artist, music tours are important because they give you an opportunity to meet new people and their different cultures

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