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Transfers of Google Play Music library to YouTube Music is presently available

Despite the fact that you may presently seem to make peace with the inevitable demise of Google Play Music, at any rate, Google is making the change simple. Today, the ability to transfer Google Play music files to YouTube Music is live — in any event for certain clients.

As spotted by Droid-Life, the exchange device isn’t active for everybody yet. It’s straightforward enough to check whether you are one of the fortunate rare sorts of people who can move Google Play Music files. Simply head to this site and check whether the transfer button is active for your account.

On the off chance that the tool isn’t active for you yet, don’t stress. You’ll likely just need to trust that the feature will go live for your account.

Hypothetically, you ought to have the option to move Google Play Music files from within the YouTube Music application too. In any case, that doesn’t seem, by all accounts, to be the situation, at any rate not yet. Until further notice, starting a transfer through the online interface is the best way to do it.

Fortunately, however, the procedure couldn’t be less difficult. As indicated by Droid-Life, you actually hit a solitary catch that begins to move your documents. In practically no time, the procedure is finished and your fastidiously curated library of music documents will be dynamic in YouTube Music. Not awful, Google.

Obviously, there are a lot of individuals who despite everything would prefer not to utilize YouTube Music, so the capacity to move Google Play Music records will be of little assistance to them.

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