Toronto Canada rapper 6ix 3urop3 is mixing Trap & Rock music to create catchy sounds

6ix 3urop3 is a talented rapper from Toronto, Canada who specializes in unique vocal effects and hip hop production. His genre-blending music combines rhythmic and slightly eccentric melodies with elements of traditional Toronto rap, resulting in unique sounds that captivate the listeners. Although, he delayed his debut album a year back in 2019, with his single “White N Plenty” he has garnered a rapidly growing fanbase in Toronto & Overseas, while showing a potential to grow nationally and globally. In the following months, the most recent hit he plans to release soon is “Drip Ragu” Featuring well known local artist from Toronto Yung Tory it is showcasing 6ix 3urop3,s remarkable vocal and songwriting skills.

6ix 3urop3 is highly influenced by iconic rappers like Tupac , Biggie Smalls and the new wave artists like Gunna and Lil Uzi Vert. Inspired by the classic and the modern, 6ix 3urop3 also features a touch of traditional, hard-hitting lyrics with contemporary sounds in addition to a touch of Toronto slang . “I grew up listening to legends like Jay z and Kanye, and I guess in a way they inspired me to take this path, and also opened me up to the concept of sound”, 6ix 3urop3

He further adds, “My music is open to interpretation but above all, I want it to be relatable to the audience. I want to make a song for everybody while still sticking to the unique identifiable sound I created over the years ”

6ix 3urop3’s official entry to the music world may not be that old, he started singing and composing music at a very young age. He started playing keyboard at a local music school and since then, he has been thoroughly invested in music one way or another. Now at this point, he is completely focused on making music and strengthening his position in the industry.

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