Today’s Health Tip: Use THESE 5 Activities To Stay in Shape This Summer

Today’s Health Advice: It’s critical to maintain good health because there are heatwaves in many areas of the nation. In the name of heat, we frequently neglect our workouts or overindulge in sugar-filled beverages. Summertime exercise might be difficult to maintain. You may, however, combat the heat and maintain your fitness throughout the summer by adding the appropriate activities to your programme.

1. Swimming: Swimming is a great full-body workout in addition to being a cool way to beat the summer heat. It keeps you cool and has several health benefits. People of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from this low-impact, soft on the joints exercise. If you’re not familiar with swimming, it’s an ideal sport to pick up.

2. Aqua Yoga or Water Aerobics: Both of these forms of exercise are excellent choices if swimming is not something you wish to learn. All ages and fitness levels can engage in water aerobics, and swimming experience is not required. On the other side, aqua yoga has many advantages, such as increased relaxation and stress relief along with enhanced flexibility, strength, and balance.

3. Yoga: If you have early morning hours to spare and your workday ends late, yoga is the ideal exercise to undertake outside. It’s chilly and nice in the garden before 11 am, which makes yoga quite soothing. But choose some indoor courses if you wish to practise yoga in the afternoon or evening.

4. Indoor sports: Playing indoor sports is a great way to beat the summer heat and keep active. Indoor sports offer a cool, comfortable atmosphere in contrast to outside activities, which can get uncomfortable in hot weather. Consider practicing indoor sports like badminton, tennis, or basketball in place of strenuous exercise. In addition, you have the option of doing zumba, pilates, and yoga indoors.

5. Morning walks or cycling: During the summer, early morning or late evening walks and cycling are great substitutes for going to the gym and undertaking intense exercise. Avoiding strenuous exercise is advised, even if you visit the gym. To keep active and fit, instead concentrate on cardio activities and floor workouts.