Thenitishnagar is proving himself as a fine music talent through impressive work.

The extremely talented singing star has enough potential to take him ahead of all in the world of music.

The creative world, especially music, is full of talented souls whose work has enthralled all as their spectacular talent and skills have taken them to another level, getting them close to stardom. There is no dearth of such outstandingly talented artists who have shown tremendous promise and got themselves placed amongst the top league of music artists who rule the space big time. Thenitishnagar is one such name whose singing skills have been widely appreciated, making him a popular personality within a short span of time. He has done extremely well as a singer, as his versatility and distinctive style has got him noticed amongst the sea of talents that float around the music space. One of the major qualities that makes a successful singer is how he connects well with the audience and how they respond to his work. Thenitishnagar has established an extraordinary connection with a wide base of listeners through his voice, which is indeed commendable.

Thenitishnagar is undoubtedly one of those singing talents who has an edge over others. On asked about getting wide recognition in such a short timeframe, he says, “it is not easy to get yourself noticed amongst such huge numbers of talented artists who rule the space. To get to the top, you need to exude extraordinary and unique work which makes you stand out from the rest. Secondly, you should stay focussed and try to achieve the best, putting in all your efforts. That’s when you can embrace success.” His songs like Wada, Love Me, Jaan, Chad and Tanha have gained an overwhelming response from the listeners which proves his potential which is potent enough to take him to the top.

He says that this is just the beginning, and he is gearing up for more releases this year. “There would be a series of singles and EP’s which will release soon and these would also conquer listeners hearts, without any doubts,” claims the upcoming singer.

To listen to his songs, visit music streaming platform Spotify.