The Superfood Essential To A Diet Friendly To The Gut

In recent years, the trend of eating fermented foods has become unavoidable; kefir and kombucha are now staples in grocery stores and trendy cocktail bars. Particularly kimchi has transformed from being the national cuisine of South Korea to somewhat of a global sensation. In 2024, with gut health at the forefront of attention, the fermented cabbage dish is back in the spotlight as a great example of an ingredient that supports gut health. See below for all the reasons you ought to include this fermented superfood in your diet.

What is kimchi made of?

For millennia, kimchi has been an essential part of Korean cuisine culture. The ingredients of kimchi include radishes, celery, carrot, garlic, ginger, and chilli, along with cabbage that is let to ferment in a salty brine for a few days at room temperature. This process “further amplifies its gut health benefits,” according to naturopathic dietitian Jessica Shand. “The zingy sensation you experience on your tongue when you put kimchi in your mouth is caused by live bacteria,” the statement goes. “If you’ve tried kimchi, you will recognise its distinctive sour, salty, and zingy taste.”

Why is kimchi so trendy now?

In addition to being delicious, it has naturally occurring probiotic bacteria, which appeals to the large number of individuals who are becoming more and more conscious of the advantages for their gut health. According to Shand, “our gut health is supported by probiotic-rich foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, live yoghurt and kefir. This has been much more mainstream recently thanks to resources and experts in the field like Tim Spector, the co-founder of Zoe.”

Why is kimchi healthful?

The health benefits of kimchi are attributed to its beneficial microorganisms. “The fermentation process that kimchi goes through results in a high quantity of ‘good’ bacteria.” Shand claims that the beneficial bacteria in kimchi contributes to the growth of your microbiome, and that a healthy gut microbiota leads to a happy gut. Kimchi is rich in nutrients as well. According to Shand,  “Kimchi has a cocktail of vitamins including vitamins A and C, 10 different minerals, and over 34 amino acids”