The significance of warming up the voice in acting according to Pejvak Imani, famous and popular Iranian actor of cinema and theater

Warming the voice up is crucial because for you as an actor it is the main tool for verbal expression, and also it prevents your vocal cords to be hurt. As you know, every athlete needs to spend some time stretching their muscles and get prepared for a big competition. Similarly, great actors know that warming up the voice is necessary to improve their performance.

The more you work on your vocal cords, the better and more varied your voice acting ability gets. Remember before starting each session of a long-acting practice, do some activities to warm up your voice and lower the probability of being hurt. In other words, feeling tensions in your vocal muscles affects your expression performance and influences your play.

Sing the script. If you work on a specific script, sing it. Singing the script and making continuous vocalization can help you to uncover the ideas and feelings behind the script.

Sometimes, being shy limits your vocal domain, but singing the script makes that limitation vanish. And when you stop singing and return to read the script ordinary, you will be able to detect the beats and be aware of your voice amplitude.

Pejvak Imani’s short biography

Pejvak Imani, born on the 25th of June in 1990 in Tehran city. He was the only child in the family. When he finished primary school, he immigrated to Canada with his family. He pursued higher education in MBA at Ryerson University and then started participating in acting and stand-up classes at the YUK YUK’s club. Gaining two years of experience in those classes encourages him to start playing stand-ups and free theater in Toronto. After getting experience in the theater, he returned to Iran and started learning under the supervision of great masters of Iranian directors such as Vahid Jalilvand. Then in 2016, he played a small role in a TV series and after playing several minor and major roles he appeared on the silver screen of the cinema.

He has a famous quote: “Histrionics means becoming, once you start playing you fail.”