The Secret To Nicola Napolitano’s Success

The Secret To Nicola Napolitano’s Success

Successful people do not just work hard but they also work differently from others. The secret of one’s success is brought about by a combination of a tenacious spirit and smart habits. However, you might wonder why sometimes, it is hard to achieve success. Well, some people think that if you only work hard, you will reach the life of your dreams. But why is it that many times when you work hard, you still fail? 

One success story is Nicola Napolitano. Nicola is a successful businessman and an experienced online e-commerce entrepreneur. He was born in 1995 in Rionero in Vulture. He works online, managing the online presence of many companies and influencers. He is also an expert in the e-commerce industry and has plenty of knowledge when it comes to digital products. On Instagram, he is seen as an inspiration to many with his unique photos. The following tips are the secrets to Nicola’s success.

Being Passionate

Success requires you to be passionate about what you want to achieve. When you have a true passion, your customers, and those you are working with, are more likely to believe in what you are doing. Passion is the key that drives business people towards specific goals, no matter how difficult they might be. It powers the determination, creativity, and hard work that make outstanding accomplishments possible. Being passionate correlates to a person’s capacity and desire to go above and beyond to achieve magnificent outcomes. Also, passion gives you a reason to keep learning new things and to work towards mastery.

When Nicola joined the fashion industry, he began his path there, setting himself up on Instagram as an Influencer and Photomodel. He started becoming passionate about everything related to the online presence of social media marketing and public figures. Besides, passion enabled him to start managing many influencers with millions of followers. Passion is one of the most critical factors that helped Nicola reach his dreams and goals.


If you want to achieve success, you have to remain persistent in the mission of your enterprise. Persistence makes you an expert in the things you do. It also motivates you to try harder and put more effort into getting closer to your dreams and goals. It helps you know of your weaknesses and faults to find out the things you lack to succeed. Moreover, persistence enables you to gain experience and keep taking action even when you don’t feel like doing so.

Persistence helped Nicola when he started several businesses, which later failed. He also did not have enough money to invest, but he kept trying new things until he achieved success in the e-commerce industry. Fortunately, in March of 2020, he reached 200k in profit with just one e-commerce store. Since then, he has not stopped and now helps business owners to remain focused with a can-do attitude.  In conclusion, when you face an obstacle towards achieving success, do not quit, go through it. Try the above secrets that helped Nicola become successful and be ready for great things.

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