The Pioneering New Treatment That Frees Children From Life-Threatening Problems After Tumor Surgery

Doctors can now help prevent children from developing life-threatening complications after facial tumor surgery thanks to pioneering new research.

Popularized by Dr. Samih Nassif in conjunction with Andrew R. Scott, MD, FACS, this study has revealed that using a technique usually only used in adults it can help children from developing problems. 

Dr. Nassif, an American Head and Neck Society fellow at AdventHealth Celebration, has performed hundreds of surgeries on patients suffering from head and neck cancers.

He revealed: “We wanted to prove that we could do this technique for young children by adding some extra steps. 

“This enabled us to treat the patients and had a very positive success rate. The procedure is minimally invasive and doesn’t affect their nose.

“This particular procedure has the potential to stop children from developing more serious conditions.”

Dr. Scott Magnuson, Head and Neck Surgery Director and the Medical Director at AdventHealth Cancer Institute, Celebration, Florida, works alongside Dr. Nassif on complex surgeries.

“By the time we finish our training, we’re in our mid-30s, so just the fact you go through this long process is a dedication. There are so few people in the field. People like Dr. Nassif must be committing to doing surgeries of this nature and are developing this particular skill set.”

The paper, Endoscopic Septal Perforation Repair in Children Using Anterior Ethmoid Artery, proved that their condition could be treated effectively through minimally invasive surgery.

It was presented at the Combined Otolaryngology Spring Meeting to much acclaim in 2020.

Dr. Nassif is highly regarded for his unique experience and expertise in studying tumors and head and neck conditions.

His revolutionary work on how ultrasounds can evaluate parotid tumors, which affect the face, appeared in the Laryngoscope Investigative Journal in July this year.

Dr. Nassif has also received the Ann and David Mishel Cancer Research Award for his defining research into aspects of the field of oncology.

He was also a resident physician in the Department of Otolaryngology (Head and Neck Surgery) at Tufts Medical Center at the University of Boston, MA.

Here he created the groundbreaking Tufts Medical Center Sinus Dissection Course which educates training doctors on nose and throat cancer treatments. The course is the first of its kind. 

Dr. Miriam O’Leary worked with Dr. Nassif at Tufts Medical Center: “Samih was a dedicated and conscientious resident who managed his clinical and academic workload easily.  He was dedicated to independent study to advance his knowledge base.  His clinical judgment, surgical skill, and bedside manner were excellent.  He was resourceful, teachable, and always striving to improve.”

Jennifer Harb, MD, is a specialist in Otolaryngology (Head and Neck Surgery) and studied with Dr. Nassif. 

“He gives excellent, thoughtful advice and is very supportive professionally and personally. I admire his thoroughness, unceasing drive to be better than he was the day before, and desire always to learn more.”

Dr. Harb added: “He is thoughtful. His teaching extends beyond our department, and he has sought to teach other medical specialties at the hospital.”