The Philosophy Of David Cicchellan and the Business of Beach Parties

The Philosophy Of David Cicchellan and the Business of Beach Parties

We must have come across people who’ve turned their ardour into a job. David Cicchella has usually chosen to do something different: he has transformed his job into an ardour.
This was the secret that allowed him to achieve top-notch professional satisfaction.

David Cicchella is the one who organizes “Il Martedì del Villaggio”. It is one of the most successful event formats of the Italian summer: a chain of events born in 2000 that has extended numbers each year when you consider that its foundation.

He is one of the founding partners of Samsara Beach, one in all the most well-known and cherished summer brands in Italy: a trendy beach found in Gallipoli, Riccione and Budva (Montenegro), which today represents a daydream for hundreds and heaps of beach lovers. A trendy business model based totally on daytime amusing and not just nighttime fun.

David Cicchella is an entrepreneur who loves his everyday life. He apprehends people’s goals and their manner of being, to constantly find winning ideas to live unforgettable emotions.

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