The opinion of Farshid Adhami, a famous Iranian singer and musician, about music theory

The opinion of Farshid Adhami, a famous Iranian singer and musician, about music theory

Undoubtedly, you have heard many times that music theory is said to be the first and most important step that a person must take to enter the world of music. It has been held for a long time and continues. This educational product is a wonderful package for those who want to learn the basics of music simply and fluently, to strengthen their own music base to be ready to learn harmony and advanced music content…

Why is a music theory course important?

– In music theory, you will get acquainted with the basic principles of music.

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-If you do not know music theory, you do not know how to use sounds to produce music!

Music theory is a puzzle of advanced musical concepts.

-If you are weak in music theory, you will not understand the advanced concepts of music.

– If you are weak in understanding the advanced concepts of music, you will be practically incapable of producing a strong piece.

-Music theory makes you play better and more professionally, make songs and analyze different music more professionally.

Who should take the music theory course?

-Those who want to start music from scratch.

-Those who always remember the basic concepts of music with butter!

– Those who want to have a strong foundation in composing and arranging.

-Those who want to start harmony.

-Those who want to understand the techniques related to playing and singing well.

I want to work on a certain style Do I still need to know music theory?

Yes, the problem for most people is that they relate music theory to a certain style !!! This thinking is wrong because music theory is the basis of music for anyone who wants to enter the world of music is necessary because it is the basis of music! It is considered the first step of music, so it does not matter which style you choose, this is a first step, you must take to know this world.

What questions will be answered in the music theory course:

What is music in music?

What is a step?

What is the distance?

How are chords made?

How to extract one-step chords?

– What does tonality mean?

What is the importance of a step in music?

How do I recognize notes?

A brief biography of Farshid Adhami

Farshid Adhami was born on 22 april 1993 , Singer and player of electronic guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and bouzouki , Is one of the famous Iranian people, Farshid’s famous music are “del divoneh”, “ta key”, balaye joonam “, eshgh”

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