The Mid-Autumn Festival is jointly celebrated by Chinese and Egyptian students in Cairo

Wearing Chinese cheongsam, tasting mooncakes, and doing interesting challenges, many Egyptians and Chinese understudies celebrated at Thursday night China’s forthcoming Mid-Autumn Festival.

Coordinated by the Confucius Institute at Cairo University and the Chinese Bridge Language Club in Egypt’s capital Cairo, Egyptian understudies concentrating on the Chinese language and Chinese understudies concentrating on in Egypt together praised the celebration in a corridor finished with red lights and bright Chinese canvases.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, an old Chinese custom that represents family ties, is praised on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar schedule when the moon is the fullest and most splendid. The current year’s celebration falls on Sept. 10.

Recovery Mahmoud, head of the Confucius Institute at Cairo University, said that “we share these snapshots of celebration with the Chinese understudies living in Egypt, and we additionally need to give the Egyptian understudies foundation about this significant celebration.”

“It is a celebration during which families accumulate to get to know each other, a celebration of adoration and gathering,” she told Xinhua.

It is the initial time for Youssif Mohammed, an understudy studying the Chinese language at Cairo University, to taste the mooncake. The festival of the celebration made the young fellow further accept that Chinese culture is delightful and rich, which he is “obsessed with.”

“I love everything connected with China and its way of life, for that reason I’m here today,” said Mohammed, adding he has consistently pulled out all the stops to join all China-related exercises and occasions in Egypt.

Aya Ibrahim, a new alumni of Chinese language school, needed to share these snapshots of affection and harmony with Chinese companions who are away from their darling ones.

“Our message is that we are likewise your families here,” Ibrahim energetically said.

In spite of the fact that a large number of miles from his family, Ma Shukai, a Chinese understudy learning at Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, didn’t feel forlorn.

“I truly do miss my family, yet My Egyptian companions here caused me to feel I am at ease today,” Ma told Xinhua as he was encircled by some of his Egyptian companions.

“China and Egypt have partaken in a long history of companionship and social trades, and I’m glad that most Egyptians regard and love China and its kin,” Ma said with a blissful smile.