The Hyaluron Pen Is Replacing Filler Injections And Scalpa Shares Why

If you are unfamiliar with the hyaluron pen and haven’t seen the viral videos flooding social media, this procedure is the hottest new beauty trend. The hyaluron pen is a needleless device that uses pressurized air to inject filler or other beneficial serums into the skin without the use of needle injections. The benefits of the hyaluron pen are pretty obvious, it is needle-free, poses fewer risks, there’s less downtime and bruising, and it is much more affordable than standard needle injections. 

For those of you working in the aesthetic industry, you might want to consider adding this to your service menu. Scalpa is an aesthetics company that offers a large variety of online training courses and supplies including their hyaluron pen training course. We are here with Bryce Cleveland, founder, and CEO, to talk more about the hyaluron pen procedure. 

The hyaluron pen came into the beauty industry only a few years ago and is based on the idea of the needleless device used in the medical field for vaccines and insulin, however, the hyaluron pen itself is much less powerful than the medical jet devices. “With technology constantly evolving, the aesthetic industry is continuously advancing and bringing amazing technology to the table,” says Cleveland. The company was actually one of the first to start training this procedure and has been impressed with the results that it has to offer. 

The results from the Hyaluron pen are similar to lip injections but not comparable. “The hyaluron pen works best when multiple sessions are performed,” he says. “But with just 1-3 sessions you can expect similar or the same results as standard needle injections.” Sessions can safely be performed every 4-6 weeks and result typically last around 6 months. 

Scalpa’s online training course is packed with in-depth information about the procedure from health and safety, consultation, step-by-step process, live procedural videos, and much more. The course is online and untimed so you can take it whenever from wherever. Scalpa does not offer the supplies for this procedure because the devices are readily available across the internet. There are a wide variety of hyaluron pens on the market ranging from .3mm-.5mm gauges and different pressure building mechanisms but most provide the same results. A simple search on Amazon for a hyaluron pen will provide thousands of results and accurate reviews of results. 

When it comes to performing this procedure, many ask if you have to be a registered nurse. As the procedure is still fairly new, many US state regulations do not have any requirements to perform this procedure making it widely available for many practitioners. As stated on Scalpa’s website, it is always important to check with your local laws and regulations before learning and performing any procedure. 

With the number of people with needle phobias and those not wanting to break the bank, the hyaluron pen is a great service to start offering to all of the potential clients in your area. Check out Scalpa’s hyaluron pen training course to start learning and become a certified hyaluron pen practitioner.