The characteristics of sounds in music by Ahmad Aghaei:

The most important feature of musical sounds is their pitch. When sounds of different pitches are combined, they form music. Another feature of these sounds is their sound color. So that each instrument or larynx of each person has its own special sound color. When you listen to a solo piece of music, you hear only one timbre. But when you go to a symphony orchestra concert, in addition to different pitches, you hear a variety of sound colors that blend together. The next feature of these sounds is their sound power (nuance). Any instrument or human larynx that has a certain sound color can produce any sound with different sound powers. For example, when you increase the volume of the tape recorder without changing the pitches and colors of the sound, you have increased the sound power.

All these combinations and sequences take place in a platform called rhythm. Rhythm is the sequence of different time intervals. We call these different time intervals in music time value.