The Business of Instagram Influencer Marketing: Social Acceleration Group

The Business of Instagram Influencer Marketing: Social Acceleration Group

People love free stuff.

Everybody loves the chance to win a brand-new Louis Vuitton bag for free. Well how about three of them & several Gucci bags thrown in too? I’m in. Recently, I came across a giveaway with Australian Model Belle Lucia, offering her followers the chance to win 5 new Yves Saint Laurent handbags. The conditions were to follow a list of businesses and influencers on Instagram. The company running the giveaway is a New York based marketing company called Social Acceleration Group.

From household-name brands to small businesses and influencers, many Instagram users utilize Instagram giveaways to create buzz around their products, reach new fans, increase engagement, grow their following and increase their visibility on the popular social media platform. Social Acceleration Group is one of the leading Influencer marketing companies that run Celebrity endorsed giveaways. According to their website they have run giveaways with models Mara Teigen and Belle Lucia, fitness trainer Amanda Elise Lee and TV personality Olivia Pierson. Their website also advertises future giveaways with E! Network TV personality Natalie Halcro and 90210 Beverly Hills star Tori Spelling.

For a business or influencer, since the recently introduced Instagram algorithm changes, it has become increasingly more difficult to grow followers on Instagram. For a brand to hire an influencer it can cost thousands of dollars and it is hard to gage the rate of return on the investment. However, with Celebrity endorsed giveaways, brands can now work with an influencer at a fraction of the cost. For example, Social Acceleration Group is listing spots in Olivia Pierson’s upcoming luxury giveaway for $400. According to Influencer Marketing hub, to hire her for an Instagram post can be up to $9,611 for a single post. For many brands, buying into giveaways is a cheaper (and perhaps more effective) alternative to gaining a Celebrity’s followers. For example, if a brand pays $400 for the Olivia Pierson Giveaway and receives 7000 new followers, then the cost to acquire a new follower is $0.05c. Even further, if the account acquires 7000 new followers with a 10% conversion rate and a LTV of $20 then the brand stands to make $14000. That makes the ROI $13,600 and a much safer investment for a brand to make. So, if you’re thinking of hiring influencers for your next round of marketing, you might want to think about buying into a series of Celebrity endorsed giveaways.

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