The benefits of basketball from the language of one of the good basketball players in our country. Mohammad Shahrian is one of the basketball players who says that this sport has many benefits.

– Gaining mental balance and providing the necessary grounds for mental growth

– Creating appropriate motivation in people to participate in sports activities

– Creating a balanced personality and a spirit of cooperation and collaboration

– Strengthening psychological factors such as: self-confidence, concentration and attention and self-fulfillment

– Gaining vitality, happiness and freshness

– Nurture and strengthen the leadership ability of individuals

– Increasing the decision-making power of people correctly and rational judgment

– Nurture a person in terms of intelligence and increase mental capacity

Defense (rules of time)

Basketball is played in four 10-minute (international) or 12-minute (NBA) courses. Rest time between the first and second period and between the third and fourth period is 2 minutes and between the second and third period (between the two halves) is 10 minutes.

Extra time in basketball is 5 minutes. After the break between the two halves, the attack and defense of the two teams change. The opponent’s field is called the attacking field and the home ground is called the defense field.

The said times are the real time of the game. That is, when the ball is not flowing, the playing time stops. For example, when an error occurs or when the free throw time stops. Because of this, playing a full game is longer than the numerical sum of the above times, and usually takes about two hours.


Dribbling begins when the player takes control of the ball and touches it again by throwing and hitting it in contact with the ground before it hits another player. The dribble ends when he grabs it with his hand or allows the ball to rest in his hand or hands.

The number of steps taken will not be limited when the ball is not in contact with the dribbler. The player is not allowed to dribble for the second time after the end of the dribble. If he does this, he has committed a “double” offense.

Running Law

The player who has the ball can move one foot in any direction he wants, one or more times. If the other leg, which is called the “pivot” leg, is fixed. Running is a movement in which the player who has the ball on the ground moves one or both of his feet regardless of the above restriction or his steps do not fit the player’s dribbles.

Running movement errors

– Running with the ball without dribble more than one step

– Take extra steps in three steps, Lee Up and Power Move (Power move)

– Take a small step in three steps so that it is not recognizable

– Pulling the foot on the ground for a distance of more than 5 cm in each movement

– Jump with the ball and return to the ground without dropping it. For example, a player who jumps with the intention of shooting, if he reaches the ground and has not yet released the ball, runs.

– If the player in August, the time of August throw moves with the ball.

 Half rule (return of the ball to the defense)

When a player takes possession of the ball in the opponent’s court (attacking court), he must not return the ball to the defensive court (home court). Whether by passing to his teammates or by dribbling himself, he returned it to his home ground. This is a violation and the ball will be in the possession of the opposing team.

Basketball sports mistakes

Personal error: 1- Blocking 2- Charging 3- Defending from behind 4- Hand contact 5- Holding 6- Illegal use of hands 7- Pushing 8- Illegal screen Personal error in all cases announces for the offending player Be.