The Asian Wushu Championship is over. The Iranian team became the runner-up of Sanshou with the presence of Farzameh Dehghani . Iran has won two gold, one silver, and three bronze medals

The 3rd Asian Wushu Championship ended with the runner-up of the Iranian national team in the Sanshou section. According to the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), regarding these competitions, today in the Sanshou section, Ali Dehghan won the gold medal in the 60-kg sector by defeating an opponent from South Korea, and Mohammad Ayini won the gold medal in the 70-kg sector after prevailing on the Vietnamese wushu fighter. In the 75-kg sector, Ehsan Khosravi, after losing to a Chinese Wushu fighter, competed against an opponent from Turkmenistan, defeated him, and won the silver medal for the Iranian team. Also, yesterday, in the 52-kg Fatemeh Dehghani and the 56-kg Farzaneh Dehghani have won bronze medals in the women’s Sanshou section. In the Taloo section, Sania Moallempour won the first Talu bronze medal for the country in the form of the China Tai Chi Wide Sword. It is worth noting that the final score of the Asian Wushu Championship is ranked based on the two parts of Sanshou and Taloo. Iranian team by winning two gold, one silver, and three bronze medals, became the runner-up of Sanshou after the championship of China and Macau stood in third place