The artist Ilham Karaoui denied that she had deliberately stirred the excitement, or the audacity, in her latest clip

In her chat with Ilham Karaoui, the villager highlighted that her video “Bows” was supervised by the music distributor “DJ” Soul A, and the writer of the words Yassin Al-Rami. As for directing, it was Hassan Karafti.

A villager talked about the production of her artwork from her own money, which she earns from a massage center she supervises. She also revealed the nature of the course, which she took before entering the world of singing.

Karoui revealed her marital status, as she is divorced, and a mother of two children puts her as her audience in their interactions with her songs.

A villager indicated that she is preparing to enter the world of acting through a television work that she participated in alongside Abdullah Farkous, Souad Al Alawi and Abdel Kabir in June.

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