The actor Jason Momoa shaved his head out of concern for single-use plastics

Pour one out for Jason Momoa’s hair, yet ensure you utilize a reusable cup.

The “Aquaman” star shaved his head Monday on Instagram to spread the message about cutting single-use plastics “out of our lives and out of our seas.”

“Shaving off the hair … doing it for single-use plastics,” Momoa said as he flaunted pieces of his newly cut locks. “I’m burnt out on these plastic jugs, we have to stop. Plastic forks and all that s — . It simply goes into our territory, it goes into our sea.”

The 43-year-old actor noted he was in his home territory of Hawaii and was frustrated at the ecological soundness of the island.

“I’m here in Hawaii at this moment, simply seeing the things in our sea, it’s so miserable. So satisfy anything you can do to kill a portion of these plastics in your day to day existence, help me, help me.”

“Heres to fresh starts how about we spread the salud,” he inscribed the video. “be better at safeguarding our property and seas. we really want to remove single use plastics of our lives and out of our oceans. plastic jugs, plastic sacks ,bundling, utensils every last bit of it. we should salud our ‘āina together aloha.”

This isn’t whenever Momoa first has pointed out an ecological reason via hair removal.

In 2019, the “Round of Thrones” actor shaved his similarly well known facial hair to bring issues to light that “plastics are killing our planet.”

In a video presented on his YouTube channel, Momoa pushed for utilizing aluminum jars rather than plastic bottles.

“Around 75% of all aluminum that is at any point been utilized is still available for use today and it’s 100 percent recyclable,” he said in the three-year-old clasp. “So you drink the [aluminum] can and in around 60 days, it’ll be back.”

The video was utilized to assist with advancing his aluminum water bottle organization Mananalu.

Momoa’s choice to shave his locks comes almost two months after he slammed into a motorcyclist close to Los Angeles. The entertainer was safe in the July crash and the motorcyclist left with just minor wounds.

Recently, the “Rise” star was in the information as he and his accomplice Lisa Bonet separated following 17 years together.

“We have all felt the press and changes of these groundbreaking times… A transformation is unfurling ~and our family is of no exemption… feeling and developing from the seismic movements happening,” Momoa and Bonet wrote in a since-erased, joint Instagram post.

“We share this not on the grounds that we believe it’s newsworthy — But so that — as we approach our lives we might do as such with pride and genuineness,” Momoa proceeded. “The adoration between us continues, advancing in manners it wishes to be known and lived. We free one another — to be who we are figuring out how to turn into… Our dedication resolute to this sacrosanct life and our Children.”