Tenacity and elite mentality to succeed has made Aurelie-Jung Moron a powerful woman entrepreneur

Hustling the challenges of life, Aurelie-Jung Moron has made a name for herself in the financial education space, and network marketing industries.

Having survival instincts helps aspiring entrepreneurs to stick at it, and makes their mind focus on achieving their goals. Surviving in the competitive business world requires an elite mentality and preparedness to lose; it requires great grit and determination on the past of the business person. One entrepreneur who transformed various fields of business by combating the ups and downs of life is Aurelie-Jung Moron.

Aurelie hails from South Korea, but currently resides in Paris, France, and is a seven-figure earning entrepreneur. Aurelie has crafted an outstanding career in various fields, being an energy coach, public speaker, financial educator, motivator, and business entrepreneur. But her rise to the top was not a cakewalk and was marred with challenges. She and her younger brother were adopted in her childhood as she lost her biological parents. She was a bright child and was good in many facets of schooling life. She began her career as a classical music agent for many talented international young artists whom she promoted and booked for several symphonic orchestras and festivals around the globe. All was going well in her career, but life threw another challenge at her, which broke her marital life where she lost her partner, leaving her alone with her two kids.

Aurelie had a strong mentality and did not give up at the lowest of lows of her life, and decided to hit a reboot button, to strike back in life. Many fail after a setback, but it was Aurelie’s hunger to become financially independent that made her stick at it and hound for a successful career. She studied the market trends and worked tirelessly to become a powerful Business Partner with a robust forex and cryptocurrency trading company linked to an innovative digital banking space. Her elite mentality led her to inspire many young minds and motivated her to establish a growing community of leaders worldwide, called the A.D.N. Million-Ère.

Aurelie strives to help people achieve financial independence through mentoring and coaching them with her live events and Zoom meetings. She inspires people to shine in the financial sector with her experience in network marketing and professional trading.

Not just that, Aurelie grew as a leader and has been responsible for progressing many individuals’ careers. It is her tenacity, to become successful in life, with an elite mentality that has crafted her astounding career.

To get acquainted with Aurelie you can visit her website www.aureliejungmoron.com or Instagram/ @aureliemoron