Tear-through fillers: is it going to grow into a bigger trend in 2020? Cosmetics doctor Ahmed El Muntasar has his 2-cents on the matter!

Doctor Ahmed El Muntasar is undoubtedly one of the most respected cosmetics doctors in the United Kingdom, and elsewhere. He managed to grow an outstanding reputation due to the quality of his work throughout the years. In recent times, he also managed to harness the power of social media, connecting with people from his Instagram and sharing valuable tips and engaging content with well over 70.000 supporters. His fanbase keeps growing, and people keep looking at his opinion to get to know more about the best and latest beauty trends in 2020. When asked about where he thinks the industry is headed this year, Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar talked highly about tear-through fillers.

Should you not be familiar with it, this particular therapy is non-invasive and non-surgical, and it doesn’t really require any recovery period. In fact, patients can simply walk out of their sessions with little to no downtime at all. This means that they do not need to miss out on any work, and they do not need to waste any of their precious time before or after the session.

As we age, our skin loses its shape and elasticity. This might create a sagging look around the eyes and favor the formation of the so-called “panda bags” around the eyes.

Fillers can help the skin regain its shape and youthfulness in a very seamless and immediate way. This procedure is becoming more and more sought-after, and Dr. Ahmed El Muntasar also stated that it is growing into one of the most popular filler therapies that are available on the UK cosmetics services scene right now.

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