Taking the luxury real estate sector in Dubai to astounding heights is ace entrepreneur Kianoush Darban.

Kianoush Darban stands as a verified personality and real estate broker on leading property website ‘Property Finder’ across UAE.

When we speak about the real estate sector today, we know without a shadow of doubt about the surging growth in the same even amidst the pandemic for the unending quest of customers to get their hands on their most desired homes and luxury spaces. Moreover, speaking for the UAE as a whole, the world is aware of the ever-evolving and revolutionary spaces and infrastructure it is known for. Dubai is one such place on earth which has paved the way for many intelligent and clever real estate entrepreneurs and given them the opportunity to showcase their talents through providing the best of properties to customers and help them get nearer their home dreams. Kianoush Tahvili Darban is amongst those astute real estate entrepreneurs whose career graph has only been on the rise with the number of property deals he has been behind and for his outstanding work in the industry as a luxury real estate agent in Dubai.

Sometimes, life gives multiple options to an individual, gets them on a different career path, only to make them realize what they truly seek in life and help them take over their fields of interest. Similar is the story of Kianoush Darban who hails from Tehran, Iran. He did his diploma in medicine from the UK and studied computing, only to realize that his life journey is something different.

Today, he is the proud owner of his marketing company called KD Middle East and has even become an exclusive partner with DP.LLC in real estate and is one of the eminent most personalities in the luxury real estate sector of Dubai. The kind of momentum that Kianoush Darban has gained so far in his career can also be attributed to his ingenuity, hustler mentality and a positive mindset.

He is a verified profile on ‘Property Finder’, which is one of the biggest sites in the UAE concerning buying and selling of luxurious properties. Kianoush Darban serves as the real estate broker of most of the luxurious hotels like Bvlgari hotels and residences and also has specialized in Dubai Marina, City Walk, Palm Jumeirah and similar other opulent projects across Dubai.

Kianoush Darban has excelled in the industry so much so that he even received the Property Finder Award in the presence of the owner of the site Michael Lahyani. Their company received the best real estate company award in the UAE a couple of years back. Kianoush Darban is the man and mind behind dealing in property deals in millions and this has further doubled his prominence in the industry.

Beginning his professional life with working as a sales consultant at one of UK’s biggest phone retailer named Phones4 in 2007 Kianoush Darban slowly and steadily took steps towards making it huge in his career as a top sales consultant in the company. To do better and achieve much more in his career, he went to Barcelona and joined DeVere Group as a Business Development Manager. But, later moved back to the UK and joined Countrywide, the extensive most real estate company. This is where he realized his passion and kept honing his skills to excel in the industry.

Kianoush Darban soon got promoted as the brand manager at Bridgford’s in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne and this motivated him to move to Dubai where he could explore many other real estate opportunities. Since the past 3-4 years, he has also remained the top Sales Agent of the year at Driven Properties. Since that day, Kianoush Darban has never looked back and today stands where he is today.

He is also a fitness model and influencer who has so far inspired many other youngsters out there looking to make their career a successful journey. Follow him on Instagram, @kianoush.darban for knowing more.

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