Taking over the fashion influencing niche like a true blue professional is Lena.

Taking over the fashion influencing niche like a true blue professional is Lena.

She has excelled in her favourite niches like fashion, health, beauty and travel.

The closer we look around us, the more we would find people who are driven by what they seek in life. It takes courage to see beyond the usual and aim to live of one’s choice. Some people believe in only following the set rules, while some others are rule-breakers (for good) and work towards emerging as one of a kind professional in their chosen industries. We came across one such highly talented, courageous and passionate fashion influencer named Lena.

This gorgeous woman doesn’t really show her face on her pictures on social media but still exudes a different level of beauty and positivity through the content she creates, making people fall for her, even more, each day, resulting in an increasing number of followers on Instagram.

Lena, since the very beginning, exuded a certain high level of creativity in her when it came to fashion and hence dived into the social media world to take her desires and dreams to the next level. She is a 40-year-old woman and a fashion influencer but confesses she hates that word. She hails from Ukraine and, in 1996, shifted to the US. Looking at the boom of Instagram, she desired to be a part of the same, and what began as only a hobby soon turned into her profession. Today, Lena excels at niches in fashion, travel, beauty, health and wellness. Lena has just launched her website and would like to share her insights and thoughts on previously mentioned niches. However, her main focus on Instagram right now is fashion.

Lena has been a woman who has gone through some challenging times in her life when it came to her health. She got sick in 1999-2000 and since then has dealt with many health issues. Lena has now started talking about a chronic illness as she suffers from the same and would like to talk more about it and spread more awareness. As a way to find more hope, positivity in life and take her mind off from her daily life struggles because of her illness, Lena had shifted her focus on Instagram. As a fashion influencer, her journey has made her realize her love for colours and how dressing up makes her feel ‘normal’, as she confesses.

Even after suffering so much from chronic illness and still going ahead to create her unique niche through Instagram, Lena has proved what a determined and passionate soul can do. To know more, follow her on Instagram @panthere_instyle or visit her website,

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