Take a look at the field of architecture, from the perspective Helia Rad, a famous Iranian architect

Architecture is the realization of want. Architecture can express creativity beyond nature in nature and facts in actions by using creativity. The nature of architecture has two scientific and artistic dimensions.

Therefore, before teaching architecture, it is necessary to express the intellectual point of view in which the training is done and the definition of architecture. From a traditional perspective, architecture is the art of creating.

Architecture is an art and a taste before it is a technique. It can be said that the appearance of cities is made by architectural engineers. Architecture, which some consider the mother of the arts, has a very long history.

The field of architecture, while being among the technical fields of engineering, includes specialties related to the social, cultural, and economic conditions of society. Hence, the field of architecture as a multidisciplinary specialty includes teaching technical and engineering topics. Utilizes creativity, artistic and aesthetic taste, and professional skills, as well as topics in economics, social sciences, and psychology.

Differences between architecture and civil engineering

If we want to give an example to understand the difference between civil engineering and architecture, we can say that if you consider a human being who needs a skeleton, flesh, hair, nails, this part of the skeleton can be attributed to civil engineering and its appearance such as skin and hair to an engineer. We know the relevant architect.

In the process of building a building, the decision in the field of structural skeletons such as beams, columns, braces, foundations, etc. is the responsibility of the civil engineer and the facade of the building, floor plans, interior decoration, and such is the work of the architect.

So the common denominator of these two disciplines is that they both deal with building and building construction. But the civil engineer takes on big projects. Like dams, roads, etc. But an architect’s projects can ultimately be the design of a tourist town, a hotel, an airport, a hospital.