Switch To A More Eco-Friendly Option With Wonder Wafers International

Back in 1980, Mobley Products, Inc. launched the first of its type, non-flammable/non-toxic 2 oz. Pump Spray Air Freshener, which later became Wonder Wafers International. This retail air freshener became an instant worldwide sensation. Soon after, with the addition of their One Gallon Container and Five Gallon Pail – both of which contained the same non-flammable/non-toxic air freshener blend as their 2 oz. Pump Spray Air Fresheners – Mobley Products, Inc. was now set and ready to change and conquer the entire air freshener industry, which desperately needed what Mobley Products, Inc. was now offering.

The Launch of Instant Scent

Instant Scent, a never-before-seen fully concentrated version of Mobley’s non-flammable/non-toxic ready-to-use blend that was utilized in the company’s 2 oz. Pump Spray and Bulk containers were the company’s second ‘first of its kind’ air freshener product. Insta-Scent quickly became another overnight hit by simply separating the water from their ready-to-use air freshener blend and bottling only the patented combination of air freshener components into a compact 6-ounce sized bottle with a child-proof safety top.

Usage, storage, and delivery have all become considerably safer and simpler for both distributors and end-users. The customer’s only requirement was to pour the 6-ounce super concentrated air freshener blend into an empty one-gallon plastic container, add fresh water, lightly shake it, and voila – the customer now had a fully ready-to-dispense one-gallon container of non-flammable and non-toxic air freshener that they simply sprayed under the front car seat.

In less than five years, Mobley Products, Inc. entirely changed the whole air freshener market upside down and inside out by releasing all of the ‘firsts’ you’ve been reading about. Not to mention the release of the world’s largest assortment of air freshener options, which Mobley was continually perfecting and increasing at this most exciting time.

All About Wonder Wafers International

In the mid-1990s, concerns about the safety of conventional air fresheners were mounting. So, Mobley Products set out to create a new and different kind of air freshener – one that would be safe and cost-effective. After five years of research and experimentation, the company launched its flagship product. This air freshener was unlike anything on the market, and it quickly became a bestseller.

After much thought, the name of this revolutionary and never seen before air freshener became Wonder Wafers. Not only was Wonder Wafers another ‘first’ for the company, but one which would forever change how air fresheners were used, marketed, and sold. Wonder Wafers are individual disks that deliver a long-lasting, consistent fragrance without the use of aerosol sprays, propellants, or batteries. Their compact size makes them perfect for use in any small space, and they can be easily hidden away when not in use. Thanks to their unique design, Wonder Wafers provide a subtle yet powerful fragrance that lasts for hours on end. And because they don’t rely on aerosol sprays or batteries, they’re also environmentally friendly. Today, Wonder Wafers are sold all over the world and are beloved by customers for their convenience and long-lasting fragrance. Thanks to its innovative design and superior fragrance delivery, Wonder Wafers have changed the air freshener market forever.

Within the first few months of their release, Wonder Wafers became an instant hit. Sales were so strong that Mobley Products quickly tripled in size. After a year in business, Mobley Products decided to change its name to Wonder Wafers International.

Wonder Wafers grew in popularity and quickly became the favored choice of air fresheners for car washes, the car service sector, hotels/motels, city cars, rental car agencies, fundraisers, and many, many more industries, including private customers.

Wonder Wafers International – One Of Its Kind!

Wonder wafers are one of the most popular air fresheners on the market for a reason – they work great, are super easy to use, and are very cost-effective. You can find them in all sorts of places – cars, planes, R.V.s, homes, boats, lockers, offices – pretty much anywhere! What makes Wonder Wafers so effective is that they slowly release their fragrance over time, so you always have a nice smelling environment. They’re also very versatile – you can use them in any small space, and they last for a long time.

If you’re looking for a safe and effective air freshener, Wonder Wafers are a great option. And because they’re so affordable, you can stock up and never worry about running out.

The Research Process

Hundreds of materials, including regular everyday papers/cardboard, plastic, cork, and many more, were tested during the early process of designing the Wonder Wafer. After two years of testing and re-testing all of the above materials, Mobley chose to have a fully customized, specially woven paper blend made to make the Wonder Wafer idea come to life and perform precisely how Mobley envisioned it to work. The customized paper blend was then infused with Mobley’s highly classified patented air freshener compound, which took years to perfect as well. Important information, such as directions, was printed directly into the customized paper without the risk of bleeding, fading, or being unreadable by businesses or consumers. The end outcome was a resounding success.

Wonder Wafers are extremely cost-effective when compared to other air fresheners on the market. Furthermore, Wonder Wafers are known and marketed all over the world, improving sales and garnering satisfied clients for the thousands of businesses who use them. Wonder Wafers also fully comply with Proposition 65 in California and IFRA (International Fragrance Research Organization). For the past two decades, Wonder Wafers have been regarded as one of, if not the safest and most dependable air fresheners on the market.

Today, Mobley Products is still innovating, developing new products that help people enjoy fresh, clean air in their homes and workplaces. Thanks to the company’s commitment to quality and safety, it has become a trusted name in the air freshener industry.