Sundeep Kishan’s most ambitious film is a brave effort, according to Michael’s review

A superb casting decision makes the Sundeep Kishan, Gautham Menon, and Vijay Sethupathi flick Michael a fantastic big-screen experience.

Michael by Ranjith Jeyakodi has to be among the most aesthetically arresting movies in recent memory. This is a claim that the movie rightfully merits, and if you have even a little knowledge of cinematography, each scene feels as though it could be a painting. This is a magnificently produced action-drama that is clearly ambitious on all fronts, but it is missing a compelling narrative that will hold your attention through to the very end. You wished the payoff had arrived much sooner, despite the major twist at the conclusion.

From beginning to end, Sundeep Kishan is sincere, and his powerful performance keeps the movie together. Gautham Menon, who portrays a gangster with effortless swagger, provides a great counterpoint to him. He is not your stereotypical antagonist from mainstream cinema, which makes for a fantastic casting decision. Despite having a special appearance, Vijay Sethupathi still manages to excel in the limited sequences he is given. Apart from the visuals, it’s Sam CS’s score that really elevates Michael and makes it a big screen experience worth cherishing.